A global scandal of historic proportions is officially underway involving the Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety (GACVS), the Ministry of Health of Japan, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Auckland University and members of the World Health Organization. The global backlash and evidence of damage from the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine has left a wake of injury in every country it has been approved in. Parents and families have campaigned and raised awareness forcing the politicians and medical communities of their respected countries to take notice, revoke the HPV vaccine’s approval, and focus efforts towards the care and recovery of their teenage girls and boys. To date, very few politicians, regulatory bodies, or the greater mainstream medical community have responded with appropriate leadership. The continued culmination of inept leadership and apathetic medical communities is causing frustration, anger and regret that is spilling over borders of individual countries to combine into a single, solitary voice for justice.

The HPV vaccine is neither safe nor effective, this is an irrefutable fact. As the truth about the scientific research fraud and medical crimes done to hide the dangers of this shot continues to become public, the criminals are scurrying. The medical community at large is facing the gut check of a lifetime — to follow orders or not to follow orders, this is the question of the day. With the evidence at hand, massive legal action is now a possibility for those health care providers who continue to inject their patients with the HPV vaccine.

The Japanese People vs. Big Pharma

In April 2013, the Japanese government added the HPV vaccine Cervarix to its list of routine vaccinations. In June 2013, the Japanese Minister of Health, Labor, and Welfare suspended that recommendation due to mounting adverse reactions from the shot. The United States, India, France, The United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Scotland, Denmark, Spain, Norway, Italy, Brazil, Columbia, The Czech Republic, Israel, South Africa, and others have all sounded the alarm about serious, widespread adverse reactions from the HPV vaccine, yet unlike Japan, their governments have failed to suspend the shot. Although Japan’s government suspended the HPV vaccine recommendation, its official stance on the adverse reactions was deemed to be caused by psychosomatic reactions — in other words, its all in your head.

In 2014, Sin Hang Lee, MD, former Associate Professor at Yale University and current Director of the Milford Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory and other researchers appeared before eight medical academic members of the Japanese government’s Advisory Council on the Alleged Adverse Reactions to HPV Vaccines, several top-ranking Health Ministry bureaucrats, medical doctors and journalists from the nation’s major newspapers and television networks. Dr. Lee and the other researchers presented evidence regarding the risks involved with HPV vaccines during a symposium, two press conferences and a government-sponsored public hearing. Dr. Lee reported to Japanese officials in attendance his findings of HPV DNA fragments in 16 unopened vials of Gardasil sent to Milford Medical Laboratory Inc. from nine countries and in the postmortem blood and spleen samples obtained at the autopsy of the 18-year-old New Zealand girl who died after Gardasil vaccination.

The result of the Tokyo hearing was that an April 2014 government deadline to finalize a decision on whether to reinstate the HPV vaccine government recommendation came and went without a word. The silence from the Japanese government meant that parents now had the option to decide, without government coercion, if their child will get the HPV shot or not.

With the HPV vaccine’s approval in many countries hanging in the balance, the Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety issued a statement on the continued safety of HPV vaccination on March 2014. This committee, thought to be compromised by pharmaceutical conflicts of interest and lobbying, came to the conclusion that “to date, the GACVS has not found any safety issue that would alter any of the current recommendations for the use of the vaccine.” This statement has been the decision defaulted to by many countries to deny care and funding to families while halting further investigation towards the continued widespread damage due to HPV vaccination.

Dr. Lee’s Bombshell Open-Letter

Recently, Sin Hang Lee, MD, Director of the Milford Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory in Milford, Connecticut, has filed an open-letter of complaint to the Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Dr. Margaret Chan. In this letter, Lee states:

I have come into possession of documentation which leads me to believe multiple individuals and organizations deliberately set out to mislead Japanese authorities regarding the safety of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines, Gardasil® and Cervarix®

A Freedom of Information request submitted in New Zealand has uncovered a series of emails revealing evidence of a global, coordinated effort by top medical bodies and regulatory agencies to “deliberately mislead” the Japanese inquiry into the safety of the HPV vaccine “before, during and after the 2014 public hearings in Tokyo.

Dr. Lee’s open-letter methodically chronicles, with actual internal email documentation, willful research fraud and manufactured science to produce the false conclusion arrived at in March 2014 announcing “the GACVS has not found any safety issue” regarding the HPV vaccine. Through careful forensic science and thorough explanations at every step, Dr. Lee breaks down each obfuscated fact and purposely manufactured outcome committed in concert by a conglomerate of world regulatory bodies, universities, and government officials. Dr. Lee’s open-letter highlights the following:

  • The GACVS had to depend on online science blog writings as evidence to dismiss the potential risk of HPV DNA fragments in Gardasil®.
  • Internal directives to publicly omit information in order to avoid cross-examination and scrutiny of HPV vaccine safety.
  • Employing means for the GACVS to avoid having to supply scientific evidence to decision makers.
  • Manipulating the scientific data and process in order to mislead the Japanese Expert Inquiry

Dr. Lee could have stopped there with his open-letter that was released online for all to access and review [open sourced]. Yet, he goes on to do the job that the GACVS and its members were initially contracted to do. Dr. Lee ends his open-letter by building a scientifically sound summary on why the HPV vaccine is unsafe with 22 key peer-reviewed references. The public and medical communities now get a better view, when criminal research fraud is not applied, of a brief review of the data to determine if the HPV vaccine is safe as Dr. Lee concludes:

This brief review shows that there is a known molecular mechanism to explain why serious adverse reactions occur more often in people injected with HPV vaccines than with other vaccines, and why certain predisposed vaccinees may suffer a sudden unexpected death as the result of Gardasil vaccination

Of concern for the world’s politicians, medical professionals, and regulatory bodies is a bigger picture being experienced and witnessed by millions worldwide. Dr. Lee encapsulates this sentiment on the first page of his open-letter:

I am sure you are well aware of the controversy currently surrounding these vaccines on a global level. I am also sure you are aware of the fact that public confidence in national and international health authorities is at an all time low throughout the world.

Should the information in this letter prove to be accurate, nothing short of an immediate independent investigation resulting in appropriate disciplinary actions for those involved will be able to restore the public trust. Therefore, I implore you to act quickly and decisively regarding this critical public health issue.