After the body parts of three women were found last night in a barrel unearthed from the garden area of the Clinton Estate in upstate New York, ground penetrating radar was brought in to analyze the entire property. Within a few hours, eleven more possible sites were pinpointed and excavation began.

The skeletal remains removed from a shallow grave at the Clinton estate in Chappaqua, New York has been identified as Miriam Loomis, who went missing in 1985 from Houston, Texas. Loomis, who was 20 when she disappeared, told friends she was headed to the Big Apple to be a dancer. She was described as beautiful, funny and outgoing but not overly street smart.

How did a dancer from Texas end up buried on the grounds of the Clinton Estate 32 years later? That will be the question the FBI has to answer. The Clintons haven’t owned the estate that long, so if they were somehow responsible, how did she get there? Bill would have had to have traveled with her remains and buried them when he put down roots.

The other theory being floated around is that the girl was held captive and killed later on. The medical examiner is currently trying to determine cause and date of death. Until then all we know is a young woman who would fit the type Bill Clinton likes was found dead on his property.

By dawn, 11 more identical steel 55-gallon drums were awaiting transport to Quantico with an immaculate chain of evidence. They will arrive and be opened later today.

Now that the discovery seems to be complete, the issue should turn to the Clintons. Everyone knows they’re killers. You can already get odds in Vegas on how many of the barrels are for Hillary’s victims and how many are Bill’s. Then the question becomes…can you make it stick? The Clintons are smart and powerful and always one step ahead of the game.

What didn’t make sense is that while the area is completely quarantined from the press and the public, reports say that both of the Clintons sat rocking in their chairs on the front porch sipping coffee or tea while the home they’ve lived in more than 15 years was exposed as a graveyard.