The Goodly Lawful Society

Mission Statement

The supreme human purpose is the perfection of ones Self. This must come first, and when this end has been achieved all good things will inevitably follow. Only enlightened men and woman can sustain enlightened leadership and authority; only the wise can recognize the rewards of great wisdom. In a free societal way of life the very survival of the state depends upon the ethical and intelligent cooperation of its people. Where men make their own laws, they must live according to the merits and demerits of the statues, which they have framed themselves. The Greek lawgiver, Solon, declared that in the ideal State, laws are few and simple, because they have been derived from certainties. In the corrupt state, laws are many and confused, because they have been derived from the uncertainties. These corrupt laws are like the web of a spider, which catches small insects but permits the stronger creatures to break through and escape. Where there are many laws there is much lawlessness, and men come to despise and ridicule the restraints that are imposed upon freedom of action. Corrupt laws, resulting from efforts to amend inadequate legislation by further inadequate legislation reveal a general ignorance of right and wrong. Where such ignorance exists, the ideal function of a true enlightened society is impossible, and liberty degenerates into free license. The half-truth is the most dangerous form of lie, because it can be defended in part by incontestable logic. Wherever the body of true learning is broken up, the fragments become partial truths. We live in a time of partial truths; and until we remedy the condition we must suffer the inevitable consequences of division.

The Goodly Lawful Society is a group of Righteous Enlightened Men and Women who know their Unalienable Rights and know they are endowed by our Creator, with these recognized Unalienable Rights; among them being; Life, Liberty, and the Persuit of Happiness. Canada, the United States of America and the whole British Commonwealth were established under Anglo-Saxon Common Law or God’s Laws. The very essence of these Laws is “Do unto others as you would have them do unto to you” this is the teaching that Jesus also taught.

 The united states of america is a Republic, rule by law (God’s Laws) and is still a Republic. The only criminal law recognized in the constitution of the united states of america is Common Law. The basis of these laws is very simple, in order to break a law you must have a damaged party or property or no law has been broken. In lawful terms you must have a “Corpus delecti” which is the damaged party or a Habeas Corpus the body of the crime. Legal is a term for fictitious laws, which are unlawful without a damaged party. There in lies the cause of the legal terrorism we are now experiencing. The governments of Canada, the United States of America and the British Commonwealth are masquerading as constitutional governments and are in fact fraudulent corporations who are beholding to private corporate interests and not we the people. This is why these terrorist organizations are spraying deadly toxins via chemtrails and forcing vaccinations of known deadly neuro-toxins into our children and all people who submit to there society and this atrocity, thereby dumbing down our children and giving Alzheimers, cancers and overall neurosis to the elderly. Furthermore these terrorist organizations have made illegal laws restricting natural medicines and agriculture so that the common people have only chemical based medicines and chemically educated doctors and chemical agriculture available to them. We at the Goodly Lawful Society are here to bring back the Sanity and the Goodness to a world with seemingly unsurmountable problems presently. These problems disappear as we step back into God’s laws and bring our courts back to Common Law. Under Common Law we can charge those who are giving vaccinations, for they are damaging a person and the farmer who is spraying deadly neuro-toxins into our environment, can also be charged as well as the companies who have even been allowed to manufacture and distribute these genocidal chemicals. Any police officers arresting anyone without a Corpus Delecti and or a Habeas Corpus could also be arrested and charged with false arrest and under the Universal Commercial Code we may seize up to $500,000 worth of their property. Enforcement of these corporate statutes by local, state and federal law enforcement officers are unlawful actions being committed against the SOVEREIGN public and these officers can be held personally liable for their actions. The Goodly Lawful Society is being created as a Lawful Society and through membership, education and the use of our own Common Law Courts and serving of Common Law affidavits we will bring our outer Unlawful Society back into Lawfulness and accountability. We invite all souls who are aligned to join us in creating a better world for the future generations.