Justin Trudeau’s visceral hatred of males (re. he says it’s peoplekind, not mankind) 

and Canada’s European heritage has made him an international laughing stock. His promotion of homosexuality and communism seals the deal. Many now question his mental stability.
Are these the symptoms of having been a victim of MK-Ultra mind control and his father’s pedophilia?  
Our political leaders all belong to the Illuminati satanic cult
that sexually exploit and trauma brainwashes their children.
Are the effects of this traumatic childhood now playing out? 

In his father’s eulogy, Justin Trudeau seems to allude to his MK-Ultra  mind control and his father’s pedophilia.
See new First Comment below- “Yes, absolutely, Justin was subjected to whatever conditioning was needed to create this Manchurian Candidate who is currently performing his long ago programmed role to advance the satanic agenda.”

from April 18, 2015 & Sept 22, 2019


from Jan 15, 2021
COMMON GROUND (2014) by Justin Trudeau
Reviewed by Ann Diamond

Justin Trudeau’s autobiography “Common Ground” was not easy to review. Its unspoken subtext involves abuse due to the Illuminati/Luciferian background of both sides of his family.

In her book, Trans-formation of America (1995) MK-ULTRA survivor Cathy O’Brien stated that many world leaders, including Pierre Trudeau and Brian Mulroney, are pedophiles. She met them in the course of her life as a sex slave trained (with her young daughter) to service high-profile politicians. Other sources support Cathy O’Brien’s allegations.

Over the years, insiders have told me that Pierre’s 1968 marriage to Margaret was “arranged” by the military. The couple was programmed with LSD at a remote farm in British Columbia.

trudeualovessoros.jpg(With George Soros. Justin is an errand boy for the Communist wing of the Illuminati conspiracy. Opposition leader Erin the Tool is an errand boy for the Zionist wing.) 

According to Trudeau’s Jesuit mentor, Trudeau ordered the kidnap and murder of his enemy Pierre Laporte in October 1970, because Laporte was threatening him with blackmail and exposure as a pedophile.

After Margaret ran off with the Rolling Stones in 1977, the marriage was over. Soon after, as a single father, Pierre turned to a York University sociologist, John Seeley, for parental advice

John Seely, a self-proclaimed ‘sadist and pedophile’ would fly up to Ottawa on weekends to “advise” Pierre on how he should be raising his three sons. Justin was six. (See also this article.) 

Quite a childhood. First the trauma of being separated from the mother he adored, then frequent exposure to his father’s unsavory friends.

Children often idealize their abusive parents. During his eulogy at Pierre’s funeral, a smiling 28-year-old Justin seemed dissociated, almost giddy. He began the eulogy with a weird story about a trip he took at age six, with his father and grandfather “to the North Pole,” to a “military installation” at Alert NWT.

There the awe-struck boy discovered Santa Claus and “that’s when I understood just how powerful and wonderful my father was.”
Carolyn Hamlett, a victim of Illuminati mind control and pedophilia, said these abuses took place at  military installations. 
Is Justin referring to MK-Ultra brainwashing? In general, the eulogy rings insincere and hollow.  There is no trace of love or grief. His father had little time for his children.

A few years ago, I was shown a 1984 letter signed by Pierre Elliot Trudeau expressing enthusiastic interest in meeting a ten-year-old boy. The letter may have been used in a blackmail attempt by the boy’s father.

If Pierre Trudeau was abusing their children, Margaret’s history of bipolar illness takes on a whole different cast.


common-ground.jpgCommon Ground is all about the heir to the Trudeau throne.

The book is persuasive and well put together, probably with help from a seasoned journalist. It flows like slick PR, but has much-unhealed trauma in the margins. Posing as saviours, Trudeaus and Sinclairs may be well-paid agents of national decline, but their story is emblematic and unavoidable.

Here and there, a reader encounters tragedy almost worthy of a Russian novel. Certain passages actually moved me to tears: his parents’ divorce and the loss of his brother. His love for his mother, who skidded into depression while partying with rock stars and royals.

As for the politics – you’re not really interested in Liberal rhetoric, are you? Young Trudeau manfully appeals to Liberal platitudes: tolerance, openness to cultural differences, gender equality, all of which sound good after the Harper Decade.

There are odd references suggesting the author has rubbed shoulders with elite perverts. Prince Andrew and the Starlight Foundation. Jacques Hebert and Katimavik. West Point Grey Academy and his mate Christopher Ingvaldson, convicted of possessing child porn.   He is suspected of paying $2.25 million to cover up sex with a student “much younger than 17” which is why he was fired from West Point Grey.

t1-t2.jpg(Justin Trudeau with his father Pierre Elliot Trudeau at a Montreal Expos baseball game in 1987. 
Pierre Eliot Trudeau was Canadian Prime Minister from 1968-1984


Related- Pedophilia-The Fish Rots from the Head. This satanic cult controls society. 

The Trudeau Foundation Revealed 
Margaret Trudeau says she dreads ‘bullying’ attack ads against son Justin (Is Justin a Manchurian Candidate?)

New First Comment from D (an insider):

While in university, friends from West Vancouver knew Margaret Sinclair and her family. I was told by Margaret’s friends, some years after the event, that very early in her marriage to Pierre Trudeau, while living in the Prime Ministerial home in Ottawa, she had arranged to be away for a weekend, but something unexpectedly came up, and she returned home to walk in on a full-blown orgy, replete with little boys and at least one goat. Let your imagination run wild, for apparently everything imaginable was well underway. In shock, she was promptly ushered away by Trudeau, and was soon at the Allen Memorial Hospital, in the care of Ewen Cameron, who made certain she had a well managed “breakdown”.  This is what is behind the nervous breakdown she supposedly had, which was dutifully “handled” by the press for public miscomprehension. Yes, Trudeau was a satanic pedophile who was recruited early on in his life to serve Luciferian intent. By the way, he met and became a good friend of Fidel Castro not following his election as Canadian P.M. Rather they met at a communist training camp in Algeria in 1948. Castro, when meeting Justin at the age of just a few months, is on record as saying, “It’s a pleasure to be in the presence of the future Prime Minister of Canada.” Yes, absolutely, Justin was subjected to whatever conditioning was needed to create this Manchurian Candidate who is currently performing his long ago programmed role to advance the satanic agenda.
Anon wrote:
Your information about Pierre Trudeau

“According to Trudeau’s Jesuit mentor, Trudeau ordered the kidnap and murder of his enemy Pierre Laporte in October 1970, because Laporte was threatening him with blackmail and exposure as a pedophile.”

is exceedingly important and makes huge sense according to Jack English see http://cuabcimc.blogspot.com who has advised me, today, as follows:
cuckold.jpg(Trudeau in satanic tongue gesture)

Trudeau was a pedophile and Paul Hellyer was informed of this by Patrick Walsh who was Trudeau’s RCMP bodyguard as I recall…

and English says …

Hellyer and Walsh were so shocked by the discovery that Trudeau was a Satanic Pedophile that they convened a meeting at Hellyer’s Resort to discuss removing Trudeau from office, but for reasons unknown, it did not proceed. It would be good to be able to discuss this with Paul and set the historical record straight.

My friends in the Canadian military have previously corroborated the reports from Mr. English and the information you have posted on your web site.

We have published important information about Mr. Trudeau at the Water War Crimes web site including

1.  That he sent his wife Margaret to the MK Ultra Brainwashing Hospital – The Allen Memorial Hospital in Montreal when she had her nervous breakdown.

indya-turdeau.jpg(India trip. An embarrassment to all Canadians and well as hosts.)

2.  That Margaret was treated by Dr. Pivnicki the father of Brian Mulroney’s wife Mila.  This was no coincidence.

3.  That his son Michel was in a near-fatal accident, probably a targeted hit, in Brandon Manitoba six months before he was killed on Friday the 13th in a suspicious avalanche in November 1998 a month when avalanches are very rare.

4. That Trudeau was part of the plan to loot Canada’s water export revenues.


Thank you for your tireless efforts in bringing these matters to light.

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Headlines for Jan 24, 2022

January 23, 2022

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A recent tweet from the DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency (DC HSEMA) completely contradicting what President Biden told the nation last Wednesday that images of empty store shelves in supermarkets are fake news.

“Take Only What You Need:” DC Asks People To Limit Supermarket Purchases As Empty Shelves Persist


Biden Was Chosen To Make Sabotage Look Like Incompetence. He has a small army of people telling him what to do. He’s not making mistakes. This was all planned. They want to destroy every nation’s economy and integrity, so that they can break us all and bring on a One World Nation


Anti-Vax Demonstrations Around the World – This one was in Croatia



vaxmandate.png(left, Walmart, Montreal)
Robert Malone Full Speech at Lincoln Monument


Will the REAL Dr. Robert MALONE Please STAND UP ?

Given the billions of dollars of contracts and grants (see list below) Malone has received from both Big Pharma and the US Government over the last decade, there’s simply no way he could leave the reservation without great consequence.


The American “Right” is Largely False Opposition


Q-How do you recognize False Opposition?

A-When they don’t pin 98% of the blame for the world’s problems on Cabalist Judaism (Satanism), Freemasonry and Masonic Jewish central banks.

far-side-media.jpg“I’m starting to think media is the biggest villain of our society, these motherfuckers should pay for their crimes.”


“Stop Making Excuses for Trump’s Vaccine Fanaticism” — by Mike Adams

Stop the nonsense, delusions, and excuse-making.
16 minutes of honesty that Health Ranger Mike Adams talks about.

“You don’t throw your own people under the bus to save yourself by condemning millions of people to death…”
Reader-  “This is Mike Adams’ best summary yet on the Trump problem.”

Makow – Trump is a traitor. Americans have an insatiable appetite to be deceived and betrayed. He handed the election to his fellow Jews, the Commies operating the Biden puppet. R you telling me he didn’t know who was counting the vote? PATHETIC

Anti-lockdown protesters smash EU diplomatic service HQ in Brusssels (VIDEOS)
Dr. Vernon Coleman: Covid-19 is a Fraud | From Rome

How the COVID hoax was promoted to destroy the world economy and cause depopulation…
[How the 2020 PsyOp Scamdemic/Plandemic has created a planet of damaged zombies on purpose].


Lyme Disease: Escaped from the Lab Affliction Crafted By the Usual Suspects?


 Chris Pirnak-
I am warning the reader that there is no way out. This has been engineered on purpose through the cover of covid. I beg all of you to dump your cryptos and your stocks and everything that you can.

Keep your gold, and maybe some cheap rental properties. Everything else is in cash. I have a suspicion that bitcoin is going to drop to zero.  Did you see what Netflix and Bitcoin did on Friday?  That’s what’s coming for years to come.

The great masses of humanity will get so desperate over the next two to three years as the whole economy collapses that they will rejoice when our adversary rolls out their black horse monetary system.

I am begging you all to please sell anything not nailed down. Cryptos, everything. If you sell your stocks right around now, you will look back in a couple of years and you will marvel at what great prices you got. Pensions, IRAs, and retirement plans will be all thrown out the window. Meanwhile, the pale horse that was manufactured from the vaccines will have the people puking and dying in the streets.

I got asked by hundreds of people over the past few years to make sure that I alerted them when I saw a change. I just handed my readers and listeners a marvelous and wonderful gift that only rivals a Godlike blessing. I just handed you the best gift on a silver platter. I actually was able to tell you about the top of the stock market. You will look back at this and count your blessings as you were able to dump your stocks.


With QE dead, asset confiscation will be very likely

Ontario clinic accidentally gives people six doses of COVID-19 vaccine in one booster shot


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Below- A Merger Made in Hell– Human Biology & Computers (scroll down)

Headlines for Jan 23, 2022


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(left, Fidelito’s Canada starting to resemble his father’s Cuba)
Food shortages begin in Canada following trucker covid vaccine mandate



12 Signs that food shortages are already here


Trucker freedom convoy GoFundMe raises over $1M

It’s our duty as Canadians to put an end to this mandates. It is imperative that this happens because if we don’t our country will no longer be the country we have come to love.”


The U.S. Government updated their Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) database today, and there have now been 1,053,830 cases of deaths and injuries reported to VAERS following COVID-19 experimental vaccines since they were given emergency use authorization in December of 2020. By way of contrast, there have been 914,393 cases of deaths and injuries reported to VAERS following all FDA-approved vaccines since VAERS started in 1990, through the end of November, 2020, the last month before the COVID-19 vaccines were authorized for emergency use. There have been more deaths, more permanent disabilities, and more hospitalizations following the experimental COVID-19 vaccines, than there have been following all FDA-approved vaccines for the previous 31 years COMBINED.



US Now Requires All Foreign Travellers to Be COVID-19 Vaccinated When Crossing Land Ports, Ferry Terminals
But COVID-19 testing won’t be required and illegal migrants are excepted—


Demonstration today in Washington DC



Cabalist Jewish Vaccine Roadkill Report

EG–“Here’s an update on my situation. I’ve posted some new symptoms that started mid-November. Brain zaps/shock and stabbing pain in eyes. They lasted until January 10. I thought I had MS. I passed a brain MRI Jan 4 and got the report January 14. Report says everything is normal. Report says Optic nerve seems good but would need a deeper look due to the images that were not detailed enough. I’m now waiting to see my neurologist so she can have a look at the images. So right now I still have a small headache and some small eye pain sometimes. And of course I still have muscle twitches wide spread. Still hope and praying that we all get better and nothing (MS or other) develops.”



 Mark Trozzi MD–Big thanks to our great team at Take Action Canada for this concise 8 minute video. Take Action Canada provides an extensive supply of resources to equip you for your part in the fight for truth, freedom, and human rights. This is a great video for newcomers, and with it we’ve included some more material useful for all.


white-house.jpg(An honest government doesn’t need to protect itself from the governed.)
Christine Massey Updates : Virus FOIAs, Midnight Threats, and Arrest

Russ Winter

CIA Drug Smuggling and Dealing: Birth of the Dark Alliance



“Absolutely Insane”: New California Bill Will Let Children 12 And Up Get COVID-19 Vaccine Without Parent’s Approval


The Political Pandemic
Countries across Europe are announcing that they are officially going to start abandoning extraordinary pandemic measures and begin treating COVID-19 like the flu. Meanwhile NY, CA, Canada and Australia circle the drain.


Starbucks Drops Vaccine Mandate: Will Other Companies Follow?


Adrienne-Pan.pngAdrienne Pan: 43-year-old CBC Edmonton radio host disappears from social media for months; dead after post-Moderna “serious illness”


I Am a Democrat. My Eyes Are Now Open.


Lukashenko: “The international scammers should finally end the pandemic”


19-Year U.S Airman Files EO Case Against Air Force Officials After Facing Discharge And Loss Of Retirement For Saying No To Biden’s Unconstitutional Vax Mandate


Zev Zelenko

It’s never been about health. COVID-19 is easy to treat. It was always about using fear and mass psychosis to get 7 billion people to willfully get injected with the technology that would permit them to participate in the new cryptocurrency-based system, the system that the world will use for finance,” he continued.



Alex-Newman-5.1.2021-pic.pngAlex Newman tells Critical Disclosure Radio that a Florida hospital is trying to murder his father.

“They’re trying to murder my dad in the hospital. They’re trying to put him on this remdesivir crap that’ll kill you, and they won’t let him have the treatments that he needs – the ivermectin and all that stuff – so we’re in the middle right now of coming up with a plan, we’re gonna bust him out of there.”


 Compulsory Covid jabs for NHS workers set to be put on hold after Tory revolt and warning from Royal College of GPs it will lead to chronic staff shortages – while healthcare workers dump their scrubs outside Downing Street.
More than 80,000 NHS staff refuse the jab which half the world is making mandatory.


Makowism — Covid has been aptly described as a “mass mental disorder.”  Doesn’t this also describe world wars? An imaginary enemy is created and people are convinced they are performing a public service by marching to their deaths.

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Deagel.com–Mostly US, Canada and West Europe targeted for pop reduction.

December 30, 2021

Mostly US, Canada and West Europe targeted for pop reduction.