The past 48 hours have been extraordinary as Canada stands up against the Canadian mandates on truckers that has has put the people’s supply chains under severe risk. Speaking with a Manitoba trucker joining the convoy I learned there are 150,000 trucks hitting the road en route to Ottawa where they will park until the mandates are lifted. They they say it’s is not about the poison injection mandates, this is about putting a stop to this assault on freedom on behalf of everyone being asked to choose against their better judgement and their unalienable rights. Check out the links below for their website and the GoFundMe where to date there’s nearly $3 million dollars raised in less than 2 days!!… Join one of the organizers and myself live at 4 PM CST Monday, January 24, 2022 for this historic moment in these insanely crazy times. Watch on Rokfin: *** Find the other 150+ King Hero’s Journey interviews and personal rants here: