By Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot

Investigative Reporter 


Many are questioning what Pelosi as Speaker of the House is doing flying to Taiwan and North Korea conducting a kind of diplomatic mission normally reserved for members of the State Department and Office of the President/Executive Branch.  One source is saying Pelosi went to Taiwan at the invitation of a certain high level Chinese operative who works with a top Chinese General named “Shu” and the offer of a substantial sum of money with the objective to trigger war… Pelosi left Taiwan rather suddenly when the offer was withdrawn…Please note:   the above info has not been vetted.

What is clear is both sides want war with China and China apparently has been planning this for a long while… 

Project Camelot was told war with China has been planned by both sides and will be orchestrated by our whistleblower Henry Deacon aka Arthur Neumann back 16 years ago…

Both sides need a war right now… China needs war to stimulate their economy and eliminate 500 million of their population (covid didn’t work well enough)…This information regarding China needing to eliminate 500 million comes from a key Project Camelot whistleblower, Captain Mark Richards 3 years ago. (see my 12 interviews conducted over a period of 5 years up to late 2019 when the Covid bioweapon was unleashed upon the world.)

The U.S. Democrats and Republicans want war for a variety of reasons.  At the moment the Dems who are taken over by the CCP and dark side Illuminati/Soros/Rothschild/off planet Draco/Rep/AI agenda… allowed the CCP to successfully invade our country by way of stealing the election in 2020 with the help of MI6, the Vatican and the CCP and various other players and installing their puppet/clone Biden (who has died) and is also played by doubles and some say Jim Carrey.

China needs our resources and has been buying as much land in the U.S. as it can get away with.  They now need boots on the ground to finish the invasion/takeover scenario which also feeds into the NWO plans.

The Republicans need war to bring back Trump and reveal that he was chosen by the military as Commander-in-Chief back in March of 2021 (as the rightful President and to overturn the stolen election).  When the DNI/Radcliffe and the Generals finally came to the conclusion that the election had been stolen by foreign invaders they had to act to protect the security of the United States.  They did so by recognizing Trump was the legitimate winner of the 2020 election and in a ceremony conducted on March 11th swore Trump in as Commander-in-Chief.

Initially when Radcliffe and the intelligence services and military submitted their election review just before the swearing in of Biden, they could not agree on the election steal or at least refused to reveal it. Radcliffe submitted their report on election integrity WEEKS LATE, as I recall, a day before Biden was sworn in.

What is clear is that something took place between Jan 21st and March 11th of 2021 that resulted in the military unifying enough to swear in Trump as Commander-in-Chief.  At that point they decided NOT to tell the people.  Trump and his team had known about the plans of the CCP/Vatican/and various players including MI6/Germany/Italy and others ever since Trump won in 2016 when the Navy put together a team to hack back the election being stolen at that time by Hillary and her cohorts.

Once Trump took office in 2017 he and his team prepared for what they knew would be a certain election steal in 2020.  According to certain Q/White Hats, they have all the evidence (to quote former CIA officer Robert Davide Steele who died earlier the year) including block chain tracking of the vote, the Dominion servers (from the CIA warehouse raid and much much more including the 2000 mules referenced mail-in-ballot fraud.

While President Trump put in place numerous EXECUTIVE ORDERS and other lawful moves to install a totally legal (in the face of a takeover/invasion from foreign powers) presidential shadow government or government in exile.  (See the Patel Patriot Devolution series of articles for the legal basis and total explanation for this.  He and his team also put in place Executive Orders and other legal basis to prevent  or expose any future election fraud from taking place.  

Important note:  Back during 911 President Bush activated this same Presidential shadow government COG law.  This is not widely known.

COG=Continuity of Government and is a very closely guarded set of laws and procedures put in place to insure the Security of the United States in the face of invasion/takeover by a foreign power or even from inside.  This has been activated from the day that Biden was sworn in.

So we have in essence had 2 Presidents for the past year and a half… And Trump is doing a lot more than playing golf at Mar Lago and doing rallies.  He has been running COG / our Government in Exile. 

For example it is said that any time the Biden administration sends someone overseas to talk to other governments Trump sends his own team of specially pre-selected  (when he was still President) members of his shadow government to reverse anything discussed.

THE REASON the military has not told the American people what I am explaining here (based on careful study of every Juan O Savin (JFK jr. ) talk and the information along with my own investigations… is to PREVENT CIVIL WAR.  The reason they must prevent civil war at all costs is that since we have been invaded “digitally” and with the installation of the CCP backed Biden regime, the U.S. would be a sitting duck for complete boots on the ground takeover by China once we are weakened by fighting from within.   China and a majority of the Democrats are totally on board with or clearly sympathetic to the Klaus Schwab NEW World Order agenda and taking over the U.S. is the final move in making that reality manifest.

Note:  Keep in mind that our military is split into factions, mainly those that favor the NWO which includes the Generals who have been paid by ROTHSCHILD with “spoils of war” large financial “salaries and benefits” for years.  This is something Trump put a stop to when he took office which of course pissed-off many of the Generals who turned against him.  The other half or more are those that are loyal to America and what our country stands for and to Trump.

At this time the Biden regime is no longer viable as a platform in part because it is being seen through by world leaders (who have known for the past year and a half… it was a farce—) and growing numbers of Americans but also because it is being largely recognized that Biden was backed by the NWO/CCP/Draco/Reps.

With the Biden administration loosing all confidence the democrat’s current problem is that they need another Presidential pawn the people who favor the NWO agenda will back.  Kamala won’t work because the Republicans have a legal case that will reveal she was not born in this country making her ineligible to be  President (among other issues with her). The next in line prior to the MIDTERMS is Pelosi who wants to be President.  However she is a mind controlled tool of the Deep State and CCP (see her husband’s investments in China and Taiwan to see how deep her loyalty to the NWO goes, making her a liability similar to Biden.

So for Pelosi to be President the MIDTERMS have to be stopped or at the very least delayed.  Because there is ample evidence that in spite of the drive to recruit RHINOS… (Republican traitors who pretend to support Trump and the real Republican agenda but in reality support the NWO/CCP agenda) that if the MIDTERMS take place Pelosi would be replaced as SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE by a Republican.  

I did an interview with English Barrister and intelligence expert Michael Shrimpton who suggested at the time that once Pelosi, Kamala and Biden are all found to be ineligible or inappropriate for a variety of reasons to be President, a Republican Speaker of the House would be next in line.  Of paramount importance is of course the Hunter BIDEN LAPTOP.  The laptop contains evidence of President Biden’s financial investments and involvement in the human trafficking economy and money trafficking center, UKRAINE…as well as in China (and probably Taiwan) all overseen by so-called President Biden — illegally demonstrating his conflict of interest with the National Security of the United States.

Once a Republican in theory loyal to the U.S. is installed as Speaker of the House they would be in line for the interim Presidency.  At that point after serving even 1 day they could (in theory) step down and hand the Presidency over to Trump.  Or by selecting Trump as their VP then stepping down. Again this theory was put forward by former Barrister, intelligence expert, Michael Shrimpton, who I have interviewed several times.

Once WAR is declared however and martial law installed the above scenario would not happen and Pelosi could retain her seat as House Speaker and the Democrats would retain their majority in the House for an indefinite length of time.  There are however, problems with leaving Biden as a figurehead President during war time because our country cannot go to war without the Commander in Chief calling the shots.  The military will not or should not act without the Commander-in-Chief’s authorization and guidance.  

Clearly, Biden does not have the backing of the top military (those loyal to America and to Trump).  In order to declare war, it would seem the devolution-Trump-government-in-exile reality and the fact that he is the lawful Commander-in-Chief, would in theory, have to be exposed to the American people.  

Note:  this is a sticking point with the Q/WhiteHats/Trump team. They have worked hard to keep under wraps the above with the exception of the very excellent ‘interviews and talks’ conducted by Juan O Savin aka John Kennedy Junior where he has revealed  much of the above information over time and in long winded stories and sometimes directly.  

2nd Note:  To see more about the fact that JFK junior is still alive and working alongside Trump and the Q/white hats see Project Camelot and many interviews with me, Kerry Cassidy over the past year where I explain the evidence and basis for this understanding along with numerous videos published by others who are also aware that John Kennedy is alive.  Although most of those who are ‘in the know’ do not know the details of his Juan O Savin disguise and the fact that there are actually 2 Juans.  One who is an intelligence operative doubling as Juan named Wayne Willott and the other who is John F. Kenned Junior in disguise as Juan O Savin.  Juan=John O=Jackie O.  And Savin references the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library on Savin Hill.

With the reveal stated above involving Trump as Commander-in-Chief and President in Exile, what would happen under this scenario at that point is unclear.

If the U.S. is forced to go to war with China to protect the major  semiconductor/chip maker TAIWAN…. Then the above is fully in play and all bets are off as to the suspending of the midterms and Trump will still, in theory, need to be revealed as Commander in Chief along with the gov-in-exile.  However, in a less smooth transition not involving the succession outlined above with regard to the Midterms resulting in a Republican Speaker of the House.  In which case a certain amount of unrest and even civil war could erupt within the U.S. 

However, one would hope that in spite of our profound differences that both sides, Democrats and Republicans would rally to prevent a boots on the ground takeover.  Including the fractured military services that would under declaration of war be forced to fight for our country and repel the Chinese invaders.

Either way, a declaration of war prior to the midterms would certainly throw our country into greater chaos, in theory.

The above is not intended to preclude other eventualities or possibilities.  However the points made about Trump being Commander in Chief (and not Biden) as well as the Trump government in exile backed by a certain group of our top military is real.  And it’s time the American people become aware of it.

Needless to say, if there is no declaration of war prior to the Midterms then the consensus opinion is that the Democrats will loose many seats in the House and there will be a Republican selected as Speaker of the House.  At that point the succession mentioned above put forward by Michael Shrimpton may take place.

Added note:  I recognize that all Democrats are not necessarily on board with the Klaus Schwab NWO and CCP agenda but for purposes of this discussion I am emphasizing that their leadership is mainly ruled by a faction fully co-opted by the CCP /NWO invader/enemies of the United States.

—Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot, August 5, 2022