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Climate Lockdown
The Next Op Removes Our Last Rights

By Guy Crittenden

If you’ve enjoyed the COVID lockdowns, you’re going to just love climate change.

In November 1997 the Globe & Mail newspaper published an article I wrote for the weekend Focus & Books section just a few weeks before nations signed the famous Kyoto Accord on climate change, in which they committed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to avert the disaster of a heating planet. In the face of a supposed consensus of scientists, my article – entitled “Science Fiction” — featured interviews with dissident climatologists who claimed science was being manipulated to serve a political agenda, and that emissions from human activity had only a negligible effect on global temperatures compared to the Sun — the major driver of climate on our planet.

The article was (unsurprisingly) hugely controversial. Then, as now, it’s a heresy to question that fossil fuel emissions are appreciably warming the Earth. At the time, I was in the first decade of a 25-year career editing magazines for Canada’s environmental service industry; the article offended my own advertisers as well as many Globe readers. However, I’ve always had a damn-the-torpedoes attitude where telling the truth is concerned, so I continued to question the global warming thesis in my writings and in a series of public debates.

I confess my interest waned over time; it’s exhausting going against a well-funded establishment narrative, especially when sufficient funds are available to buy the acquiescence of almost every governmental, academic and media institution. Eventually people not only come to believe the lie — they forget it’s even possible to think outside it. Contrarian evidence is dismissed out of hand, and skeptics are shunned (even persecuted). (I’m reminded of Galileo inviting church elders to peer through his telescope to see for themselves there are more planets in the heavens than appear in the Bible. They rejected the invitation, stating, “Your telescope is an instrument of the devil!”)

Time was on my side, though, and I was vindicated when the Earth failed to heat up as predicted (though you wouldn’t know that from most media reports). I never claimed that human activity (excessive extraction, pollution, etc.) wasn’t degrading environmental systems, even crashing them, but rather that the focus on warming would misallocate precious resources. Indeed, we’ve been exhorted to prepare for a hotter world at precisely the moment our Sun is stepping into a Grand Solar Minimum and global temperatures are cooling rapidly. The dire effects on food and supply chains have been well documented by independent researchers David DuByne (Adapt 2030 on YouTube) and Christian Westbrook (Ice Age Farmer on BitChute).

Like the COVID-19 operation, the global warming narrative was incubated by Rockefeller-funded think tanks, in this case a 1970s meeting of the Club of Rome in which global warming appears on a list of schemes that would be useful in gaining control of the global population and establishing a one-world government (the oft-cited New World Order). In time, the airwaves were filled with claims that fossil fuel emissions were contributing to a runaway greenhouse effect that would scorch the planet, collapse civilization, and possibly extinguish most life. By the time my article appeared, the pubic was being told 1997 was the planet’s 19th consecutive year of above-normal temperatures and the hottest year on record. The media pointed to melting sea ice, disappearing glaciers, and a sea-level rise of 15 centimetres over the past century as evidence that global warming was more than a theory.

In the ensuing decades, the globalists used the United Nations and various institutions to successfully establish global warming as a fact in the public imagination, though they rebranded it to the more nebulous “climate change” when the Earth failed to heat up. This allows almost any weather development — warming here, cooling there — to be shoe-horned into the overarching thesis. But climate change didn’t bring quick enough change for the globalists, so they fabricated a biological crisis built around a weaponized coronavirus to carry the ball over the finish line.

As with climate change, fear is crucial in re-engineering human behaviour and restructuring the social and economic order. Fear over the virus not only allowed the billionaire class to put humanity into lockdown (a prison term), but coerced hundreds of millions of people to accept injections whose ingredients are unknown. Evidence has emerged that the injections themselves contain a bioweapon that changes people’s blood over time, leading to clots, strokes, miscarriages, sterilization and death. At the time of this writing it’s unclear to what extent the globalists plan to exterminate a large portion of the human population (through drugs and food shortages) versus genetically modify them in a transhumanist scheme, while enslaving survivors in a scientific dictatorship. (And, yes, I’m aware this last sentence sounds like the plot of a God-awful science fiction film.)

Most people are unaware of the World Economic Forum’s explicitly-stated plan to bring all of this about, though many have heard the WEF commercial for a communitarian future in which “you will own nothing, and you will be happy.” It’s therefore important that people learn the COVID operation, slated to end in 2024, will transition into a climate change response that will fulfill the NWO one-world government plan. It’s already well under way.

Via endless lockdowns in places like Australia, Ireland and Canada, the public has been acclimatized to restrictions on their movement. Somehow “two weeks to flatten the curve” has evolved to the where the police stop and question a person if they travel further than, say, five kilometres from their home. They may be fined, and even imprisoned, if they can’t produce zee paperverk. We must prove we’re an “essential worker” (whatever that means) on state-sanctioned business. It’s incredible, isn’t it, that in less than two years, people have come to accept the kind of restrictions people endured in the Soviet bloc.

And there’s the obedience training. The peer pressure to wear a mask in public settings, social distance and stand on circles in stores evolved into the virtue signalling of social media posts from people sporting a bandage on their shoulder. They rolled up their sleeve and “did their part.” And what was originally discussed as a voluntary inoculation program transformed rapidly into a coercive and mandatory injection scheme about which Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was confident enough to say anyone refusing the jab will face “consequences.”

How ominous is that? So here’s what’s coming. The “stay home, save lives” campaign was conditioning for climate lockdowns. You might have noticed “traffic calming” features in your city — those buffers that discourage cars from entering residential neighbourhoods. This is all ramping up to the time you’ll be discouraged from leaving the city, which will be a “smart city” in which your every movement will be surveilled even as your biometric data is monitored. (And you thought 5G was for faster download speeds.) This will be for your own good, and the good of the planet. You’ll be invited, then coerced, to install an app on your phone or other “smart” device (God but I’m sick of “smart” this and “smart” that…) onto which your monthly universal basic income (or “UBI”) will be deposited. (The globalists used lockdowns to destroy the middle class and create dependency.)

Currency will soon be replaced by an AI-controlled surveillance token, so the government can apportion how you spend your credits, deduct your taxes automatically, and fine you for unapproved behaviour. (This is already in place in China.)

The day will come when you won’t be allowed to leave your 300 square foot apartment (where strangers will hold
meetings when you’re out and about) without the right code on your smart phone (and eventually the Mark of the Beast, er, I mean, chip in your hand). You’ll be punished, for example, for having traveled too far outside your approved zone because (naturally) you’ll have used up too many climate energy credits. You won’t have a job, but you’ll generate credits for investors by performing assigned activities, like watching a propaganda film or playing a video game. You’ll be mined like crypto, your biometric data fed into the cloud. The economy will be little more than a company store in a company town, and you’ll live on insect protein and lab-grown meat. (It’s about the climate, remember?) If this sounds outlandish, search online for the Microsoft patent containing the notable “060606” in the title. You’ll have the same rights as a citizen of Gaza, and eventually you’ll be replaced by robots when the Klaus Schwab’s of the world decide they don’t need us anymore. They plan to extend their lives for hundreds of years, you see, with nanobot technology, until the tech gets to where they’re able to upload their consciousness into a silicon body and head to the stars, and live eternally.

Or some such warped dystopian fantasy.

Guy Crittenden is a freelance writer and author
of the award-winning book The Year of Drinking
Magic: Twelve Ceremonies with the Vine of Souls
(Apocryphile Press, San Francisco). Follow Guy at