Don’t eat california produce, or milk products. Look at the beta decay numbers in this video. 100 cpm beta is where you start paying attention. Lots of readings 400 to 650 cpm in November. matches the high strontium 90 release numbers reported at Fukishima. Maybe this is one reason I have not been feeling well.

I suspect it occurs because of the drought allows concentration. Boost selenium and sulphur to bind strontium and increase calcium + magnesium as strontium goes into bones if you don’t have enough calcium. And use your products. Strontium 90 (28 year half life) decays into Yttrium (64 hour half life which concentrates in the ovaries. Does this explain why no Orca babies survive? Strontium easily moves through the environment in air or water so radioactive strontium is a big problem. Because it binds with sulphur it is found more concentrated in sulphur vegetables like cabbage and onions.

Published on Nov 24, 2014

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency RadNet radiation monitors have detected renewed surges in air readings of dangerous beta radiation across the country. Over a dozen metropolitan test sites registered four-month highs.

Impacted cities include San Diego, Bakersfield, Phoenix, Amarillo, Montgomery and Madison. Some of these sites recorded beta readings literally going off the chart at 1,000 total beta counts per minute (CPM). and others including experts and manufacturers, consider 100 CPM to be an alarm trigger. Many American cities surpassed this threshold in this latest reporting period.