Trudeau Dumpster Fire

Good morning sentient readers. Today is a good day in the existential battle between good and evil in Canada. It was announced a few hours ago that the Federal Court of Canada has ruled that JFT contravened both the Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms by invoking the Emergencies Act in February, 2022.

Christya Freeland has announed that the Lie-beral Regime will appeal the decision at the expense of the taxpayers and will drag this out in the hopes that the public will foget all about the extreme humiliation the Lie-berals and their NDP/Green cohorts have just suffered.

That the invocation of the Emergencies Act was illegal was something all sentients knew from the start but which the sheeple baaaaadly went along–with allowing the horseback SWAT team to trample demonstrators in Ottawa and the Canadian BankZ to freeZe demonstrators’ bank accounts.


It was the freeZing of bank accounts that most seriously contravened the Constitution and Charter Rights according to the Reasons for Judgement accompanying the Federal Court ruling. Remember when Chrystia Freeland had a smirk on her face when she announced the freezing of bank accounts?


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