U.S. Special Forces on Monday arrested the Deepest of Deep State fugitives, Attorney General Merrick Garland, following prolonged surveillance that began last week when he deplaned a flight that originated in Warsaw, Poland, and landed at Dulles International Airport. The actual apprehension, sources in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News, occurred at an upscale residence in Greenbelt, Maryland, where Garland was scheduled to meet his Canadian counterpart, Deputy Attorney General of Canada Shalene Curtis-Micallef.

The White Hat’s investigation of Garland started on the day of his appointment, March 11, 2021, after U.S. Army Cyber Command (ARCYBER) eavesdropped on a telephone call between him and a voice sounding very much like Joseph R. Biden’s. On it, Garland sounded more like a boss than an employee, instructing Biden to avail himself of every opportunity to denounce J6ers as “criminal insurrectionists” and their leader, Donald Trump, a sore loser and an election denialist trying to cling to power. Garland said his Justice Department would pursue unbeatable charges against the insurrectionists and, eventually, Trump himself, but he told Biden the operation could take years because Trump had “won the hearts and minds of deranged MAGA” and had friends in powerful political positions. “You play your part, and we’ll do the rest,” Garland had said.

By May 2021, the FBI was singularly focused on capturing patriots who had peacefully visited the Capitol, the “People’s House,” on January 6. Garland’s Bureau announced new arrests and increasingly severe charges daily, as his MSM allies bombarded a gullible public with fictitious, fantastical stories about militias and MAGA that, on Trump’s orders, violently stormed the Capitol to kill Michael Pence and prevent Biden’s ascension to the presidency.

Around that time, White Hats established local and remote surveillance on Garland’s D.C. offices and luxury home in Alexandria, Virginia. While ARCYBER tapped Garland’s phones and tracked his digital footprints, boots on the ground pointed parabolic microphones and telephoto lenses at his home and office. Whenever Garland traveled by car, they discreetly tailed his cavalcade, for Garland always traveled with an armed entourage.

Also around that time, White Hats realized they had a problem: Having performed digital forensics on still photos, video, and audio recordings, ARCYBER concluded that the man in their sights, though he looked, talked, and walked like Garland, was actually a convincing body double wearing a prosthetic mask and hairpiece.

Shortly afterward, in July, White Hats learned of five Merrick Garland sightings in different cities on opposite sides of the country on the same day. Somehow, Garland appeared simultaneously in D.C., Chicago, San Antonio, Portland, and Los Angeles, leading White Hats to an inescapable conclusion: Garland had numerous doubles, each trained to mimic his speech and mannerisms. On July 23, 2021, White Hats concurrently observed Garland doppelgangers attending events in Richmond, Virginia, and Las Vegas.

The Department of Justice continued incarcerating innocent patriots. Garland lookalikes coolly made appearances at multiple venues at once, a fact that went unreported by the MSM. And White Hats faced a dilemma—whether to catch the imposters or wait for the real Garland to rear his ugly head, wherever it was.

In 2021 and 2022, General David H. Berger still commanded the military arm of the White Hat movement. He and the White Hat council had spent innumerable hours contemplating the issue, with the council divided over whether capturing the doubles would force a scrofulous Garland deeper underground. A Camp Pendleton source told RRN that Gen. Berger had sought Trump’s input, but the president trusted the general to make the right decision. Right or wrong, Gen. Berger issued a decree that the real Garland had to be caught before the military moved against the doubles.

“He was afraid going after the imposters first would tip off Garland,” a source told RRN. There were disagreements, but it was his choice to make.”

Still, a lingering question went unanswered: Where was the true Merrick Garland?

A possible answer to that question came in mid-2022. Fifth Columnists within the DOJ claimed that Garland, knowing a sizable part of the U.S. military that supported President Trump would seek retribution for his indicting active-duty and retirees who peacefully attended J6, had fled the United States and was living a life of luxury in Warsaw, Poland, from where he remotely controlled the DOJ. The 5th Columnists didn’t know precisely when Garland absconded, but they estimated it was around when Vladimir Putin initiated his Special Military Operation in Ukraine, although the timing seemed coincidental.

Asked to substantiate their claims with verifiable evidence, the 5th Columnists supplied Gen. Berger’s office with taped telephone calls between Garland and the DOJ and decrypted emails Garland had sent FBI Director Christopher Wray, which held capacious lists of people Garland wanted to be arrested. President Trump’s name, in bold type, appeared on the list, as did General Berger’s and other prominent officers in the White Hat community. Nonetheless, Gen. Berger was rightfully suspicious. The proof could’ve been faked. How did the communication escape the all-seeing, all-hearing eyes and ears of ARCYBER and Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace Command, whose operatives dutifully monitored Deep State transmissions? And assuming a Garland was in Poland, how could the general ensure it was the genuine article and not another double?

Those questions, and more, plagued the White Hat council. History, however, had taught them the Deep Staters follow a predictable pattern. They always return to the scene of the crime—eventually. In the meantime, though, the DOJ’s reign of terror against God-fearing, innocent patriots continued unabated.

The discussion about eliminating Garland’s body doubles resurfaced when Gen. Berger abdicated his position and named Gen. Smith his replacement in January 2023. A more aggressive Gen. Smith had reportedly aimed to take down the doubles, but, sources said, changed his mind following a private meeting with Gen. Berger.

Further muddying the issue was the confirmation of Deep State cloning laboratories in Missouri (December 2022) and Alaska (January 2023). Although the Special Forces teams that destroyed those labs found no cloning cylinders of Merrick Garland, White Hats acknowledged that still unfound labs could have Garland clones percolating in maturation cylinders. That fear and rapid advancements in holography, A.I., and Deep Fake tech left the bewildered and beleaguered White Hats wondering just how deep the deception went.

Fifth columnists, however, persisted saying Garland was hiding in Poland to avoid military arrest.

Time passed sluggishly, and on January 17, 2024, a 5th Columnist whom White Hats deemed reputable approached Gen. Smith’s office with promising information. He seemed feverishly confident that Garland would reenter the United States on January 26 for a clandestine meeting with U.S. and Canadian Departments of Justice members on January 30, after which he would swiftly and secretly depart for Poland. The 5th Columnist had Garland’s travel itinerary but no explanation for why he would risk losing his freedom to meet with Canadian officials in the U.S. when he could’ve done so safely by landing somewhere in Canada.

“How do you know you weren’t given misinformation? How do you know it wasn’t given to you to expose you?” General Smith had asked the 5th Columnist.

“I can’t say its 100%. But I trust it. And do you really want to pass up the chance?” the 5th Columnist replied.

The general decided the risk was worth the reward, and he asked 5th Special Forces Group commander Col. Brent Lindeman, a member of the White Hat council, to coordinate the operation to bring Garland to justice. Col. Lindeman voiced his trepidations, arguing it made no sense for Garland to hold the meeting instead of a clone or body double, since the Canadians were not personal acquaintances and, therefore, wouldn’t have the ability to distinguish him from a fake, especially if other U.S. DOJ officials were present to support Garland.

“Longshot or not. We need to move on this one. I have a gut feeling,” Gen. Smith told Col. Lindeman.

Col. Lindeman had one last question: “All I need to know is if you want to isolate him and take him alone before the meeting or grab the bunch of them.”

Our source said General Smith picked the former choice because nabbing multiple Deep Staters typically complicated military ops. “We get Garland. He’s the package,” the general said.

The 5th Columnist had given the general’s office the address of a fancy Airbnb, booked in Justice Department spokesperson Xochitl Hinojosa’s name, where Garland was scheduled to see his guests the afternoon of January 30.

His flight touched down Friday afternoon. No sooner had Garland left customs than four men in dark suits and sunglasses encircled him, shielding him from prying eyes. They whisked him to a waiting limousine and followed a route that would take them to the address White Hats had been given, where Special Forces had already set up surveillance.

“We knew then we weren’t getting him without a fight,” our source said. “He had four feds, and we knew at least two of those guys would be glued to his side the whole time. It became a matter of do we take out all four and make a bigger mess than we must or try to minimize the casualties. That decision fell to the detachment commander.”

Special Forces tracked the house. Once the man who looked like Garland stepped through the doorway, he never went outdoors. The team spent Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday learning the feds’ schedules before assailing the home at 3:00 a.m. Monday. Special Forces “neutralized” two feds who had emerged from the house to patrol the perimeter. Four soldiers crept inside and put a silenced bullet into a fed dozily reposed on a living room sofa downstairs. The final guard, in the hallway outside Garland’s upstairs bedroom, died when a soldier slipped a garrote around his neck, strangling him.

A soldier picked the lock on the bedroom door, then jabbed a sleeping Garland with a tranquilizer strong enough to sedate him for his trip to a JAG processing center.

“He’s in custody. And we know it’s not a body double. Tests are being done to make sure he’s not a clone. Needless to say, he isn’t very happy at the moment. Can’t say I blame him since he’ll be tried for treason and hung,” our source said.

Late Monday afternoon, while Garland screamed in a holding cell, the DOJ released a statement claiming that Garland would temporarily cede authority to Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco while he undergoes routine back surgery this weekend. Our source said that is an obfuscation to both cover up the arrest and get another body double ready to take his place.

“Assuming the Garland we got isn’t a clone or a double, we’ll now be taking those out, too. The Garland we have doesn’t have the telltale signs of a clone—flat feet, missing molars, missing genitals—so we think he’s the real deal,” our source said.