(NaturalNews) Texas Governor Greg Abbott took a step closer toward health freedom recently, when he signed new legislation permitting epileptic patients access to the powerful, healing CBD oil from hemp. Thousands of Texas families who deal with epilepsy will now be given legal access to medical marijuana. This means that these families no longer have to be controlled by a cabinet full of ineffective pharmaceuticals, and can access CBDs without fear of going to jail. CBDs have shown great promise for treating epileptic patients throughout the country, and are also helping patients get off multiple prescription drugs which only complicate their health.

“There is currently no cure for intractable epilepsy and many patients have had little to no success with currently approved drugs,” stated Gov. Abbott. “However, we have seen promising results from CBD oil testing and with the passage of this legislation, there is now hope for thousands of families who deal with the effects of intractable epilepsy every day.”

Texas will only allow medical marijuana for epilepsy

Governor Abbott recently met with the legislature and reminded them that he would only support CBD oil for the treatment of epilepsy. He will continue to oppose any other medicinal or recreational use of cannabis.

More than 20 state legislatures have awoken to the healing aspects of cannabis, and have approved the plant for general medicinal purposes. Texas won’t join that list however, because it will only allow cannabis oil to treat one condition at low doses. Cannabis oil has shown promise for treating cancer and PTSD, while freeing people from a long list of pharmaceuticals that they were convinced to take.

CBDs are healing plant compounds specially extracted from cannabis leaves; they do not cause patients to get high. Most state licensed medical doctors don’t understand how to use CBD oil or when to prescribe it, so there has been some confusion in the medical profession as States begin approving medical marijuana for various purposes.

Cannabis is becoming a gateway plant for helping people to realize where healing actually comes from. It’s putting pharmaceutical companies to shame, and opening people’s eyes to the many natural plant medicines that exist. More people are figuring out that plants produce their own medicines that are designed to work with the body and speak its natural language of healing.

Marcy Bingham, who has tried 16 types of drugs for her epileptic son Jacob, is hopeful that she may finally have found the medicine that works. “So many needles, his veins are no good,” she said, speaking of how her son has been abused by the medical system. “We’ve lost all of his veins now.”

But she is excited that she can finally access what is working for many people. “We’re very hard to change in Texas. Very difficult to make change,” she said. “It’s a huge change and we know that it’s going to help kids.”

Endocannabinoid system of the human body is being systematically suppressed

One of the systems of the body that is suppressed from science education is the endocannabinoid system. The human body produces its own endogenous cannabinoids. There are receptors throughout the body that respond to two types of cannabinoids: CB1 and CB2. The body also accepts CBDs from external sources; one of those primary sources is cannabis. THC, which produces the high, was designed to naturally fit in the CB1 receptor. The other side of cannabis, cannabidiols, are intended to stimulate activity in both receptors.

Instead of binding to the receptor, cannabidiols stimulate activity in both receptors, and change activity within any cells that contain those receptors. They also block the high of THC. These CBDs increase the release of 2-AG, a natural, endogenous cannabinoid. This activates many healing processes throughout the body, including changes in the release of serotonin, and perceptions of pain and temperature. CBDs are known to inhibit the ID-1 gene, which is prevalent in aggressive cancer cases.

That being said, it’s time for legislatures and governments everywhere to get out of the way and let people access what their bodies were intended to have: CBDs. A free people should not have to get permission (from a government or an MD) to use something that was naturally intended for their cells.

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