In answer to one of your article statements (what are they feeding them to make their sperm counts so low?) I say SOY!! Soy is in everything that people by over the counter. Soy, soy lecithin, Soy protein, Soy formula, Soy isolates and more. Take a look at this link for some of the products it is in Genistein is the plant estrogen found in soy beans. It is not identical to estrogen in the human body, but it is close enough to fool the body into thinking it is human estrogen. When soy formula is fed to infants their Genistein (Phytoestrogen or Soyestrogen) levels are 20 X higher than would be in breast milk. However, the estrogen equivalent is much worse than the 20 X. This is because the Phytoestrogens are only part of the soy problem. If all soy factors are taken into account the picture produced is worse than a horror show. There are actually 15,000X more of these estrogen mimicking compounds in soy formula than is in mother’s milk or goat’s milk formula. So what does this mean? Well… here is the reality a baby who only gets soy formula is getting, NOW GET THIS! The equivalent of 5 birth control pills per day. Plus soy not only changes a boy’s brain chemistry to that of a girl it causes a huge increase in allergies and other decrease in both sexes. Plus the processing of soy products in many cases produces the byproduct MSG Mono Sodium Glutamate which is a neurotoxin which can also cause brain damage. WOW this keep getting worse!

It has only been for the last 40 years and particularly the last 20 years that soy has ended up in approximately 65 % of our food.

Obesity rates have sky rocketed. Why? We drank kool-aid and ate Hostess growing up. Granted today’s kids don’t exercise as much but that is only part of the problem.