The COVID-19 Test is called an RT PCR test which stands for reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction.

It was invented by American bio-chemist in 1984 by the name of Kary Mullis.

The test does NOT…I repeat…does NOT test for a virus.

It tests for genetic material only.

Genetic material is found inside every living human being on the face of the planet.

What RT PCR does is take genetic material and amplifies it, in other words makes it larger.

If I test myself with our RT PCR and put the settings to say 30/35 cycles of amplification I will test negative.

But if I test myself again at say 60/65 cycles of amplification then I will test positive and so will everyone else.

It is because now I have brought so much genetic material to the forefront it will detect it all.

This is how ‘the scam’ works.

The cycle of amplification dictates the number of positive test results you get.

It is important to note the inventor of this test Kary Mullis stated his test ‘cannot’ be used to diagnose infectious diseases at all.

He died last year at the age of 74 and was well aware that the powers that be wanted to use his test to test for Covid-19.

He was adamantly opposed to his test being used for Covid-19 right up to the point of his death.

He stated that you can’t get any kind of accurate result.

In fact, the author of the test is quoted to say: “It’s as good as that Scientology test that detects your personality and then tells you you need to give all your money to Scientology.
The Truth About DISEASES and VIRUSES!
Viruses and Diseases do not exist PERIOD…end of story!

They were both created by the pharmaceutical industry who uses the flawed germ theory to sell medicines and vaccines to the populous for monetary gain and population control.

If the germ theory was correct there wouldn’t be a human alive today to tell the story!

Germs, bacteria, fungus, pathogens and even ‘viruses’ (which are not ‘viruses’ but protein based Exosomes within our RNA) are everywhere.

Life is made up of these things.

Our bodies are made up of these things.

So called ‘diseases’ are purely symptoms of an underlying toxicity within the cells.

So called ‘viruses’ are manufactured within our own bodies as a protection mechanism against over toxicity.

When we are overly toxic our body creates a natural detoxification process called a ‘flu’, a ‘cold’ or ‘pneumonia’ to rid the body of these deadly toxins.

With that being said, ‘viruses’ ARE NOT CONTAGIOUS in any way or form.

The only way you can ‘catch a virus’ is to be injected with one via a vaccine.

The bottom line is please quit taking poisonous medications from Big Pharma.

They are NOT helping you or curing you whatsoever.

Every time you take a pain pill…it shuts down your immune system for 3 days.

Most prescription drugs say take every day. (think about that for a minute)

The Medical world has been a huge lie from its inception.

They fooled everyone (including doctors) into believing this is the way it is!

They taught their lies in Medical School from day one.

They would indoctrinate the teachers, students and the entire world’s population to believe their lies and most actually fell for this.

It’s not your fault…you were duped.

It is your fault…if you keep on believing their lies and games.

Time to educate yourself and fast!

No more of the ignorance.

These days of being brainwashed and controlled are over.

Big Pharma is a lie from the pit of hell.

They are, as this is being written, getting sued to oblivion and will cease to exist by this time next year.

They should be bankrupt within 18 months.

If you have family or friends taking prescription drugs please warn them immediately to stop taking these harmful addictive pills causing premature aging and an early death.

Every pill they consume is leading them closer and closer to the obituary pages in the newspaper.

Hospitals will not be recognizable at this time next year.

They will pay dearly for their schemes in the medical industry.

They are being exposed during this ‘fake virus’ by their adjustment of cases that they lied about.

If you have not figured out this silly game…then you have reached an all time high of gullible.

Nursing Homes will also not be recognizable as they are being forced to change for the better of humanity.

There will be 6,000 new technologies released that have been hidden from the public eye by the Deep State Illuminati Cabal for decades and even centuries.

All will be exposed as God has truly had enough of the corruption.

Your prayers are being answered.

Again your patience is required during the transition.

The easiest way to convince a society to destroy themselves…is by making them want to participate in the insanity and actually think it’s moral.

Q. How to chemically lobotomize children?
A. Tell parents vaccines are safe and effective.

Q. How do you get everyone to love being blasted with radiation?
A. Make them dependent on cell phones.

Q. How to make the masses surrender to mask up?
A. Tell them they’d be like angels helping others.

Q. How to make them believe they’re all sick even if they feel great?
A. Tell them they’re asymptomatic.

Q. How to make them believe there’s a global pandemic?
A. Give them phony statistics. (don’t try too hard…they’ll believe whatever the MSM tells them)

In the new holocaust people wont need to be forced into the train cars…they will jump on board willingly and happily.

Turn off your TVs and do the research.

Google has been uncensored for a reason.

Wake up and stop believing the lies.

You have been brainwashed…indoctrinated…lied to and completely controlled since birth.

You are a sovereign being.