Funeral director Nicholas Lee questions the accuracy of many death certificates and whether doctors know the actual cause, thus making it impossible to list correctly.

Nicholas Lee, a funeral director of over 30 years, is calling attention to a shocking increase in deaths. During an interview in Launceston, a town in northern Tasmania, he explained he usually has two to three funerals a week, but nowadays, there are six to seven per week. Lee has determined that deaths have increased by 50 percent in the past six months. “That’s why we’re so busy right now… suddenly, there has been a rapid rise.”

Lee says that the number of deaths has hardly changed in the past decade but has risen sharply in the past year. He went on to explain that he is extremely worried about the trend:

“And it’s only been the last, say seven months. The previous ten and a quarter years were very, very consistent. But this has rapidly risen in the last six to seven months. So we are we’re quite concerned.”

The undertaker notes that many people born in the 1960s and beyond are dying. So it’s not just the elderly who are passing away, explains Lee.

Perfectly Healthy People Dropping Dead

In the past six months, it has happened several times that perfectly healthy people suddenly died. He finds that very disturbing. Some died in their sleep. Some, including a perfectly healthy woman, died of a brain hemorrhage. “It does not feel right. But I’m just feeling a little apprehensive about what is actually going on?”

Personally Affected by Vaccine Damage

Lee’s youngest son was severely affected after his first Covid “vaccine” only four days after the injection. The healthy young football star became “quite lethargic, lost all sense of appetite, explains his father. He had severe “rashes on his hands and his feet.” For forty-three days, he struggled badly with his health. Most days, he could not eat or drink much, just lay in bed.

Because Lee’s son could not get the second vaccination due to his severe response, he was unable to go to University or continue with his employment over the school holidays. The loss of his school and work “had a big impact on him,” explains Lee.

Sadly when Lee and his wife tried to help their son and get answers about his illness, they were “stonewalled” by six politicians, emergency medical centers, and several doctors. “It felt like somebody was withholding the truth,” stated Lee.

And when we attempted to get some answers, it seemed like we were being stonewalled most of the time. So on the third of December, I thought, gee, I’ve got to roll up my sleeves and find out what’s happening here. Because after talking to, or attempting to talk to six politicians, to talk to, after hours, emergency medical centers, and two or three separate doctors, we found that we’re getting nowhere. But it seemed like somebody was withholding the truth.

Death Certificate Legitimacy

Once an individual dies, Lee questions if doctors are analyzing the main cause of death. Furthermore, after seeing firsthand the medical process that takes place, he wonders how accurate the medical cause of death on the certificate is:

I’ve had 30 years as a funeral director. And sometimes, I wonder, first of all, whether the doctors have the time to analyze what has been the main cause of death of an individual.

And when we look at the actual process that takes place sometimes. I wonder how accurate a death certificate is…what the medical cause on a death certificate is, and how accurate that really is.

Often the doctors don’t see the deceased person after they have died. And they may haven’t seen them once they have been living for the previous two or three years.

Watch Michael Griffith from Cafe Locked Out interview with funeral director Nicholas Lee: