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Coming to Western Canada!

Featured in over 25 articles in the Ottawa Citizen and numerous talk radio shows in Canada

Freedom activist, Jean-Serge Brisson

shares his secrets for the first time ever,

and discusses how he has successfully

refused to collect PST and GST!

and his 17 years of ongoing SUCCESS!!


ü   Do you know about the slavery principle?

ü   And why the CRA and Crown are so scared of it?

ü   Do you know you don’t have to collect sales taxes for free?

Receive a FREE personally signed Copy of Serge’s book with entrance!

“Tea Party of One”


Join us for discussions on groundbreaking legal success to refuse collecting PST/GST

involving principles Serge relied upon that have been a fundamental part of our law for centuries!!!

A major support for all Small Business owners!

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Serge will be speaking at the following locations from B.C. to Manitoba:

All meetings are from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.


New Westminster    Sapperton Hall                                         318 Keary St.                            Sept. 15

Victoria                    Camosun College                                     4461 Interurban Rd                   Sept. 16

Penticton                 Dogtown Coffee Co. & Coffee House       215 Winnipeg St.                      Sept. 18

Kelowna                  Sandman Hotel                                         2130 Harvey St.                        Sept.19

Calgary                    Genesis Centre of Community Wellness  7555 Falconridge Blvd.NE        Sept. 22


Winnipeg                 Sturgeon Heights Community Centre       210 Rita St.                               Sept. 26



Don’t miss this incredible opportunity!


Seating is limited so we urge everyone to pre-register early

and reserve your place at this exciting event!


[email protected]

only $30! +

FREE Copy of Serge’s book with entrance

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   Book Tour with Jean Serge Brisson on how and why not to pay Taxes.

As Jean says many have gone before him and silently disappeared.