United States Marines on New Year’s Eve arrested Arati Prabhakar, the Biden cabal’s director of the Office of Science and Technology, on treason charges after White Hats discovered she had authored a proposal to contaminate public drinking water with copious amounts of COVID-19 vaccines, sources in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

Appointed in October 2022, Prabhakar’s mandate included advising the fake president on the effects of science and technology on domestic and international affairs. She is by trade an engineer, having earned an M.S. in electrical engineering and a Ph.D. in applied physics at the California Institute of Technology in 1980 and 1984, respectively. She worked at DARPA from 1986 to 1993 as a program manager and later as founding director of DARPA’s Microelectronics Technology Office. She has no medical credentials.

In December 2023, White Hats acquired a copy of a research paper Prabhakar had written in response to an inquiry by Kamala Harris on the feasibility of introducing the COVID-19 vaccines into potable water. Prabhakar’s 32-page reply, dated October 3, 2023, concluded that while such a mission was possible, it was also highly impracticable. Her hypothesis noted several seemingly undefeatable hurdles. Using Cleveland as an example, Prabhakar postulated a 1:1000 vaccine to untreated water ratio would be needed to effectively vaccinate a person who drinks four glasses of water daily.

The city’s drinking water originates in four intakes three miles off the coast of Lake Eerie. It is pumped into sedimentation tanks and treated with chlorine to kill harmful pathogens and disinfect the water. The filtration systems are attenuated to allow chemicals like fluorine—a highly debated topic—and orthophosphate—to prevent pipe corrosion—to evade filtration.

Prabhakar wrote that municipalities would have to weaken filters for vaccine ingredients—and she specifically mentioned snake venom and spike proteins–to penetrate home plumbing. Her mad science proposal, which RRN reviewed part of, did not say how she mathematically reached the 1:1000 ratio assumption.

“…after evaluating the plan, one gallon of Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, or Novavax vaccine is needed for each 1,000 gallons of water. Assuming homeowners do not have high-grade commercially available filters affixed to household plumbing, persons consuming tap water will be vaccinated incrementally until enough water is consumed to confer full vaccination. Excess vaccine would be removed from a person’s body through urination and perspiration,” Prabhakar wrote.

As each sedimentation tank holds ~45,000 gallons of transient water, the Deep State would require 45 gallons of vaccine per treatment, which, Prabhakar noted, would be nearly impossible to pull off without endless funds and the cooperation of water utility companies nationwide.

“I understand the administration’s goals, and you’ll have my full cooperation, but reinstating vaccine mandates is less costly, especially since the government is paying about $420 for each 6-dose vaccine vial—to be blunt, you’d need limitless vaccines. I love the idea and wish we could embark on this project together, but it’s ultimately difficult, Vice President Harris,” she wrote.

According to our source, Vice Admiral Darse E. Crandall reviewed the documents to decide if they met the definition of conspiracy to commit treason. The admiral sat on the papers for a week before indicting Prabhakar and issuing a military arrest warrant. He sent the indictment to General Smith’s Camp Pendleton offices.

The general, our source said, tasked a Marine reconnaissance platoon to visit Prabhakar’s Virginia home to “wish her a happy new year.”

The Marines arrived in Prabhakar’s neighborhood early New Year’s Eve and had been prepared to “wait as long as it takes” to isolate her from interloping friends and family who, according to intelligence, might have been around her that day. But the Marines, having surveilled her home, caught a break. Prabhakar was ringing in 2024 alone on her sofa, imbibing champagne and watching Dick Clark’s ‘Rocking New Year’s Eve’ celebration on television. Her revelry suddenly stopped as a half-dozen Marines with weapons drawn encircled her sofa.

“Oh, no, I knew she’d get me in trouble,” a tipsy Prabhakar squeaked.

“She’s now in custody for interrogation,” our source said. “She’s said her paper was just theoretical and not intended as a real-world exercise. This was a public official drawing plans to poison a population—she will stand trial.”