United States Special Forces operating abroad laid siege upon a World Health Organization office in the Philippines and killed Dr. Rui Paulo de Jesus, a COVID-19 architect and climate fraud proliferator, as well as six so-called scientists under his command, sources in Gen. Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

The daring afternoon assault on February 8 appears to have expanded the battlefield on which White Hats have waged incessant war against the scientists, health officials, clinicians, and government bodies that orchestrated the preeminent fraud of the century, which led to the creation of so-called vaccines that have killed at least 1.7 million Americans, per White Hat’s metrics. Last Thursday’s showdown in Manila marks the first time, to our knowledge, White Hats have unleashed retaliatory hell on the enemy’s doorstep, as opposed to capturing or killing WHO stooges on U.S. soil. The forceful strike, again, to our understanding, is only the second operation whereby a sizable military force infiltrated an enemy nest with orders to “search and destroy,” not detain or arrest COVID-19 criminals for future tribunals. The first was a December assault on an NIH bio lab in Montana where White Hats justifiably gunned down 34 NIH employees.

According to our source, White Hats last year obtained irrefutable proof that Rui Paulo de Jesus was one quackish doctor among a pool of “experts” who concocted the idea to lace the already lethal mRNA clotshot with neurotoxic venom obtained from Caspian and King cobras. The presence of venom was a contributory factor in countless deaths.

White Hats found it highly improbable that Rui Paulo de Jesus, who had previously held other senior positions, such as Regional Advisor for Communicable Diseases Control and Technical Officer for Sustainable Health Policy, would’ve accidentally recommended envenomating unsuspecting people with virulent neurotoxins notorious for causing cell death through damage to lysosomes.

At the time, Rui Paulo de Jesus served as the WHO Representative to Bhutan, but he received a promotion in April 2023 and was transferred to Manila, bringing with him the handpicked team that had aided in his slithering snake venom project. Our source said Rui Paulo de Jesus’ willful act of malice merited a proper response.

“These are desperate times; when called on, we’re the desperate measure,” our source said.

General Eric M. Smith and 5th Special Forces Group commander Col. Brent Lindemen, he added, quarterbacked the operation and had boots on the ground surveilling Rui Paulo de Jesus by mid-January, but he would neither confirm nor deny whether White Hats directly controlled any of the five U.S. military installations in the Philippines.

“We got where we needed to be,” was all he’d say on that topic.

He insisted, though, that a battle-hardened detachment blitzed the WHO’s San Lazaro Compound—actually an office park located in the northern portion of Manila within the city district of San Lazaro, which it shares with state health department agencies—and shot dead all seven persons, Rui Paulo de Jesus among them, in the WHO’s 3rd floor offices, leaving no wounded and taking no prisoners, before seizing at least two phones and laptops and egressing concealed within a veil of smoke—from their own grenades. All Special Forces, our source said, reached the extraction point unscathed.

“These criminals have no immunity—not from us. We’ll find them wherever they hide,” our source said.

Asked whether White Hats now favor run-and-gun executions over tribunals, he said, “Those decisions are above me. I don’t think we have a broad brush, a categorical way of dealing–handling every case. Each is decided on differently. In this case, well, that’s how it went down,” he said.