My recent conversation with Dr. Bryan Ardis left me speechless

Especially when he asked me these 2 startling questions:

“Do you know that, right now, there’s at least two snake villages in China that harvest millions and millions of snake eggs for the vaccine manufacturing world?”


“Did you know they’re harvesting vaccines we’re injecting children with from snake eggs?” (And it’s been happening for years!)

I couldn’t believe my ears.

I’ve known for years that most of the world’s vaccines have been produced in China…

And that vaccine materials were grown inside chicken eggs.

But, what I didn’t know…

Was that China secretly created snake villages where they could harvest millions of low-cost snake eggs to produce vaccines, cheaper and faster.

Dr. Ardis’ next comment sent chills down my spine:

“If they are harvesting vaccines from snake eggs, that means the proteins of reptiles will be in your vaccines.”

He told me that the University of Arizona published research in the summer of 2021 where they evaluated 300 C0V!D patients who had died in hospitals.

“The title of the article is, “Like Venom Coursing Through the Body.”

Dr. Ardis went on to say:

“Researchers discovered the biomarker indicating mortality in C0V!D-19 patients, and it’s an enzyme found in rattlesnake venom. That’s what they published.

“This substance is called phospholipase A2.

“And they published that every medical doctor around the world should be looking for phospholipase A2 as a biomarker to look in the blood for as the patients in your hospital that as that’s going up, the patient’s going to die because this enzyme found in rattlesnake venom destroys multiple organs at once, and they will develop multiple organ failure and die.

“Now, they published it was 20 times higher in C0V!D-19 patients than any other group of individuals that they’d ever seen with any chronic illnesses outside of C0V!D even. So those with autoimmune diseases, congestive heart failure, diabetes, and in the elderly, they see sometimes low levels of phospholipase A2. But they’d never seen it. It was 20 times higher in the C0V!D patients than they’ve ever recorded in a human.

Given what we’ve learned about the C0V!D bioweapons and the Global Elites’ population control agenda, Dr. Ardis’ next questions made perfect sense:

“How do you know there’s not snake-based phospholipase A2 protein that’s being extracted from these snake eggs in their vaccine manufacturing and they’re injecting them inside of you? You’re developing diseases, chronic illnesses, and they’re finding low levels of phospholipase A2. How do you know those weren’t introduced inside of you when you received your vaccine?

“This would explain a whole bunch of the chronic illnesses that individuals are living with. If they have figured out how to get snake protein into humans, they have created a new narrative that there’s this new enzyme.

“How did a venom, a venom component called phospholipase A2, which was first ever discovered in a snake, how is it now in low levels of all chronically ill people?”

Dr. Ardis went on to talk about Stew Peters’ incredible documentary called Died Suddenly.

“It really starts with discussing these blood clot formations that are being found in people who are dying after being vaccinated.

“These blood clots are a side effect of the mRNA injections. It is also a component of venom found from multiple snakes in the C0V!D-19 patients in Italy. They’re called prothrombin activator V proteins. Prothrombin activator, procoagulating factor V, which is a component of the blood clotting cascade triggered by snake venoms, and it’s the only component that has any impact on blood.

“It causes blood clotting. Now snakes in the world have 2 primary blood side effects. When you get bit by a viper, get venom in your body of any kind, there’s only 2 actions it has. It’s either going to clot your blood or going to thin your blood. In the C0V!D-19 patients, they only found the venom components that cause blood clotting. And it’s called procoagulation thrombin activator. So they isolated these components that cause blood clotting. Do you know this procoagulation Factor V isolated in these snake venoms? I already have the research studies. They confirmed that this component is identical and does not need the mammals’ blood clotting factor to make it make blood clots. It does it all by itself in the human body. So as soon as it goes into the human body, it starts the cascade to make red blood cells stick together, called rouleaux formation. Rouleaux formation.”

It’s clear that the Global Government has been using vaccines to spread chronic disease and create infertility for years…

And that they crafted the C0V!D death jabs to speed up their nefarious depopulation agenda.

In fact, top bioweapons expert, Dr. David E. Martin, who has researched many of the 4,000 coronavirus patents, told me that there have been spike protein depopulation patents since 2002!

Sadly, billions of people around the world were coerced into getting the deadly C0V!D bioweapon “vaccines”…

Without realizing the TRUTH until AFTER they had already been jabbed.

That’s because the Global Government, the Elites, Big Tech, and the Big Pharma-funded Corporate Media…

Have been censoring, canceling, and deplatforming everyone who dared to expose their lies…

But no one should despair.

We’re blessed to be working with Dr. Ardis and hundreds of other brave experts who are risking their own careers to expose the TRUTH.

And, they’re successfully treating their own patients with healing protocols that are reversing the damage from the venomous spike protein.

So, even though I KNOW how bad things are…

I’m embracing HOPE and HEALING.

Yours in Truth and Health,

Jonathan Otto

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