Honestly, here I was just wanting to take this evening off once again to continue my need to “unwind” and get a bit more rest and relaxation from all of this Scam-demic insanity… But something happened today that has been causing quite a stir here in my home province of Manitoba, and it was too important to overlook and wanting my ‘2 cents worth’..

I want to present the following report that comes from the CTV news online service, at www.ctvnews.ca, where apparently the criminal bastard that calls himself Manitoba’s ‘Premier’ has finally done what these criminals have been planning for the last year, which is to introduce “Immunization Cards” for the fools and idiots out there that have been stupid enough to take both of their doses of KILL SHOTS into their bodies!  Here is that report and of course I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Manitoba unveils immunization cards for fully vaccinated people

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Published Tuesday, June 8, 2021 7:33AM CSTLast Updated Tuesday, June 8, 2021 12:40PM CST

With the cards, Manitobans will also be able to visit family members who are in hospitals, personal care homes, and other health-care facilities.

Pallister added families that have children under the age of 12, but both parents are fully vaccinated, will be exempt from the isolation requirements.

“So if you’re looking to take a couple of noisy little kids on a car trip, you can come back home and you won’t have to isolate,” said Pallister.

To receive an immunization card, people must have a Manitoba health card, they must have received two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine and they must wait 14 days after getting their second dose.

There will be digital and physical copies of the card and Pallister said it will not contain any personal information other than a first and last name. The card will have a QR code that, when scanned, will show that the person has been fully vaccinated.

The premier also noted he has been reassured that the cards won’t be able to be duplicated.

“The privacy issues, the protections that are in this card, are going to be very real for people,” he said.

The digital card will be available automatically after signing up online and then a physical copy can be requested after completing the registration.

Pallister said there is a chance these cards could be used for other things such as going to provincially owned facilities.

“I think what we all hope is that this is a temporary measure made necessary by the absence of the sufficient numbers of people who have got their vaccine,” said Pallister, “The sooner we get to that level, the better for everyone.”

He also mentioned talks have happened with other provinces to see how the card can also be used across the country to prove people are fully vaccinated.

He said nothing has been confirmed yet, but work is being done to ensure Manitobans can give proof in other provinces and vice versa.

Registration for the cards can be completed here.

NTS Notes: OK, This is absolutely a DIRECT VIOLATION of Canada’s own Charter of Rights and Freedoms that specifically PROHIBITS any type of ‘two tier’ society in Canada where the nation is supposed to see the equal treatment of ALL of its citizens…

And we knew this was coming… For once these criminals are able to sneak this horrific policy and this criminal ‘Vaccine Passport’ through, the next steps coming will be to ADD extra ‘privileges’ to ONLY those who have these phoney ‘Immunization Cards’ and thus disallow anyone who is smart enough to NOT take the KILL SHOTS to lose their basic freedoms and their rights….

Yes, claiming that these ‘immunization cards’ are ONLY for the ability to ‘travel’ and to see ‘loved ones’ in personal care facilities is pure BULLSHIT…. Once these horrid things are introduced, then they will not stop with the reduction of rights for everyone else…

I do hope that the citizens of this province and elsewhere stop this before it festers any further…. This is indeed yet another form of medical tyranny, and is absolutely 100% these dreaded and illegal ‘vaccine passports’ by just another phoney name!

I can easily see lawsuits coming, and rightfully so…. This has to be stopped now before it is allowed to take hold..

More to come