by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

With data in the U.S. Government’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) now showing that about 800,000 people have probably died after receiving an experimental COVID-19 shot that was rushed to market, Donald Trump has gone public, again, to take credit for this crime against humanity.

The Right Wing news site Breitbart published Trump’s comments, while also stating that:

With the help of Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, scientists successfully developed and received Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of a coronavirus vaccine in December 2020.

I wonder what Breitbart’s definition of “successful” is here? Successful in causing more deaths and crippling injuries than all vaccines combined for the past 30+ years?

That’s some “success!”

Here is the former President’s full statement, where he takes all the credit, and even refers to the Pfizer “vaccine” (and I assume the Moderna one as well?) as “my vaccine.”

Does that imply Trump owns significant stock in Pfizer?

When the REAL revolution starts in this country where people rise up to start arresting those responsible for this bioweapon that has caused so much death and destruction, Trump should be at the top of the list, and face charges for mass murder.

The “Christian Right” has Blood on Their Hands

Trump’s largest fan base is the “Christian Right,” and in spite of the fact that Trump has just publicly confessed to his crimes in bringing this bioweapon of mass destruction to market using public funding through “Operation Warp Speed,” again, I fully expect dozens of hate emails from his base attacking me for this article, while their churches and Christian leaders head up the effort to inject as many children as possible with these deadly bioweapons.

I have been threatened many times by Trump supporters in the past, being told that I will “be silenced” as soon as Trump is returned to power, for example.

The Christian Right has now become the party of CENSORSHIP, seeking to discredit and malign anyone who does not join in their efforts to attack Democrats and “Liberals” for all of our country’s problems.

I recently reported how we had to stop publishing our videos on the Rumble platform, because Rumble does not allow us to ban people, or turn off comments, and I just don’t have the time to babysit the comments section there anymore as they all want to blame Biden and the Democrats for everything, turning what should be a non-partisan issue, the deaths and maiming of people through the bioweapon shots, into a partisan issue that they think is 100% the fault of Democrat liberals.

We have this problem with the Christian Right on our Social Media sites as well, like MeWe, but at least there we can ban people after we delete their comments.

These people often email me and threaten me after they see that their comments have been deleted, believing that they have some sort of “right” to “free speech” on our platforms.

Here is one that recently came in from someone using a email, which prevented me from responding to him, as the Contact Us form he used to send his message clearly states that the Big Tech “free” email accounts block us most of the time, and we choose not to email people who use them.

He was upset because he was not attacking “liberals or democrats,” but he felt he had some kind of “right” to disagree with an article we posted.

From: Stephen Cline
Subject: Have you become Face book?

Message Body:
You claim you are not censoring but Moderating. First you post a Meme on MeWe. Proud to be Anti Vax. All I said in my comment is that I am not anti vax I’m anti this vax and the Flu vax. You deleted my Comment and during the day you deleted at least 3 other comments not one I saw was attacking Liberals or democrats. Today I receive my Medical Kidnap News email attacking basically your readers. I post most of the articles I get from Medical Kidnap and share the ones you post on MeWe on my home page and in the group I Admin. Until your hateful policy changes I will not Comment, Emoji, Post, recommend to people I interact with or share anything you publish or post on MeWe.

This is fairly representative of the kind of attacks and threats I receive from people like Stephen. They don’t seem to be able to comprehend that we are a content publisher, not a social media site like Facebook, and that our purpose is to convey a message to the public.

I grew up with the Internet. I have been moderating human behavior and “discussions” on the Internet for over 20 years now, long before Facebook was even around, and nothing has changed over the years.

Prior to the days of digital publishing, the only way someone could comment on a published article was to send in a “letter to the editor” and hope that the editors would decide to publish it.

But the editors and publishers did not recognize any “right” to “free speech” to publish everyone’s comments, including those who were attacking and threatening them. That’s absurd!

The right to “free speech” is your right to go and start your own publication where you can publish whatever you want, not to criticize and attack others on their platforms and their publications.

And notice Stephen’s threat: “Until your hateful policy changes I will not Comment, Emoji, Post, recommend to people I interact with or share anything you publish or post on MeWe.”

Stephen is clearly more interested in publishing his own views on other people’s platforms and telling people he is “not anti-vaxx” than he is about the content of the publication he subscribed to, so to make his point he says he will withhold the content we publish warning the public about how dangerous these bioweapon shots are from his network.

So who suffers? Certainly not me. I don’t need anything that Stephen says or publishes. But he is willing to withhold information that could literally save lives, just to prove his point that he is “not anti vaxx.”

This is the sad state of many in the “Christian Right” today.

I had another person email me recently complaining that Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and Dr. Judy Mikovits might be part of the “occult” because one of the websites where their lectures appeared had occultist symbols.

I replied that I have known both of these women for many years now, and that I have never found anything in their teaching or speaking that had anything to do with the occult, and that just because a website that featured them had symbols associated with the occult did not discredit what they teach. It is “guilt by association,” which is a logical fallacy.

She replied that I should tell them to “be more careful with their associations,” to which I replied:

No, I am not going to tell them that. They have a deep passion and commitment to get the truth out in anyway they can, because they are censored and attacked by the corporate media.

If you want to admonish someone on “associations,” then do that with your Christian friends and churches who “associate” with the demonic medical system, and also the demonic foster care and adoption system which trafficks children and is the pipeline to pedophiles.

I am sure these doctors and scientists (you are criticizing) are like me, and that they are trying to get the truth out to as many people as possible, and NOT catering to the Right Wing arrogant Christian crowd who points fingers at people like them while they themselves sacrifice their children to Molech, and then gladly participate in kidnapping other parents’ children all in the name of “orphan care.”

I have been doing this for over a decade, and I am thoroughly disgusted with Christians and the Religious Right. They have become my worst enemies and attack me constantly.

As I have been saying for a long time now, there is no way we are going to stop the Globalists who run this country and are hellbent on destroying our children and making us all slaves, if we keep on attacking each other on partisan political issues.

I have also published some of the very fine work that Dr. Simone Gold and her group America’s Frontline Doctors produce, for example, and yet because she is part of that “Christian Right” I haven’t received any criticisms of the occult symbol that she uses for her group, the double serpent Caduceus which is the Satanic symbol for pharmakeia (medicine).

Is it because she colored this occult symbol in red, white and blue to make it more agreeable to the Christian Right??

This is a symbol used not only in medicine, but in Freemasonry and other occult practices (see: The Satanic Roots to Modern Medicine – The Mark of the Beast?).

But I am not going to get so bent out of shape about it that I would stop linking to or republishing some of their fine work they are doing, which would serve our common enemy rather than serving the truth that so desperately needs to be published right now, and I only bring it up here to show the incredible hypocrisy of the Christian Right and their constant attacks against me and Health Impact News.

So if you are a Donald Trump supporter, God Bless you!

You have the freedom to express your views on your own platforms, but don’t bring them here because we will not give you our platform to do so.

And if you want to email me to threaten me or curse me out, please note in the Contact Form that I invoke Psalm 109 for all criticisms and attacks against me, and that when you click the box to agree to our Terms of Use agreement to submit your comment, that you are agreeing to allow us to publish your comments if we so choose.


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