Documents filed with the United States District Court show the “Public Health Emergency” that is COVID-19 . . .  does not exist.  The disease has a 99.8% survival rate, no worse than a nasty Flu season.  Masks and Lockdowns are not needed and are illegal restriction of freedom.

“Asymptomatic Spread” of COVID-19 is a complete fabrication based solely on a mathematical model; NO PROOF IT EVER HAPPENED!

Stunning legal documents filed in the United States District Court, under Docket #: 2:21-cv-00702-CLM make clear the hype around COVID-19 is based on deliberately inflated numbers and quite obvious FRAUD.

Rather than tell you what it says, you can read it all for yourself below.

If perusing 67 pages is not for you, then you can listen to the one hour Hal Turner Radio Show that began its coverage HERE, or the two hour Hal Turner Show that re-capped the first hour and went into SPECIFIC DETAIL about how the vaccines can kill youHERE:



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