(Natural News) Two Canadian nurses have turned into whistleblowers and told reporters what they have seen during the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This includes people dying after getting vaccinated and hospitals filled with fully vaccinated people suffering from COVID-19.

Erica Beardsley, from the small town of Pontiac in the Canadian province of Quebec, was a nurse for 11 years. She recently resigned after her employer mandated that she get vaccinated.

At an anti-vaccine mandate protest in Canada, she spoke with a reporter about the gruesome things she has seen as a nurse during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I’ve physically seen people restraining the elderly and vaccinating them against their will while they scream ‘No,’” said Beardsley. “I’ve seen patients coming in with suicide and … once they’re dead, they are testing them for COVID. Why? Why are we testing them for COVID?”

“I’ve witnessed a lot of people dying of heart attacks shortly after the vaccine,” she continued. “I’ve witnessed miscarriages at full-term five days, four days, after the vaccine.”

Beardsley explained that this is a surprisingly common occurrence even though she comes from a town of just around 5,000 people.

“I’m in a little hospital, a small hospital. I’ve worked on every floor,” said Beardsley. She said she has worked in long-term care, general care, the emergency department and even for her hospital’s external clinic. “I saw it all.”

“I have nothing to lose, nothing to hide. They wanted to mandate the vaccine on me and I refused. (Related: Hawaii health care whistleblower says he has seen more people die from COVID-19 vaccines than from the virus.)

Another nurse working in St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto claims the hospital is filled with fully vaccinated COVID-19 patients.

“Are the hospitals full of COVID patients,” asked one reporter.

“The hospitals are pretty much full of people that have been vaccinated,” answered the nurse. “They’re returning to the hospital due to their vaccinations.”

“So you’re telling me that people who got vaccinated are in the hospital right now?” asked the reporter.

“Yeah, not just in St. Michael’s, but all over the world,” said the nurse. “That’s what’s coming back to the hospitals this time of year, when the hospitals should be at their lowest, are people that are vaccinated.”

Watch the entirety of their statements here:

Quebec restricts free speech of vaccine skeptics by banning protests near schools and hospitals

Many people all over Canada, including a lot of healthcare workers, are protesting against the imposition of vaccine mandates. These protests have sprung up all over the country against people being forced to take experimental and deadly vaccines.

To prevent these protests from getting larger, the National Assembly of Quebec passed into law a bill banning anti-vaccine protests near hospitals, schools, childcare centers, COVID-19 testing clinics and mass vaccination centers.

The bill, known as Bill 105, was adopted on Thursday afternoon within just a few hours after it was presented by Deputy Premier and Minister for Public Security Genevieve Guilbault.

The law explicitly bans any protests related to the COVID-19 pandemic that are held within 50 meters of the aforementioned establishments.

An amendment to the bill also banned pandemic-related protests within 50 meters of vocational colleges and adult education centers.

Another amendment allowed protests to be held within 50 meters of the establishments if the protests are regarding working conditions.

Any protest organizer that violates the new law will be fined anywhere between CA$1,000 to CA$6,000 ($788 to $4,728).

Any protester caught “intimidating” or “threatening people entering or leaving these establishments can also be fined between CA$2,000 to CA$12,000 ($1,576 – $9,456).

The bill was passed unanimously, with all opposition parties in the National Assembly voicing their support for limiting protests.

The measures will only last for 30 days. But the government reserves the right to renew these restrictions on freedom of speech while the province’s COVID-19 state of emergency order remains in effect.

“I understand that it is difficult to restrict the right to protest, but, frankly, there are limits,” said Quebec Premier Francois Legault.

Learn more about how governments around the world are trying to use the COVID-19 pandemic to restrict the freedoms of vaccine skeptics, health freedom advocates and the unvaccinated by reading the latest articles at Vaccines.news.

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