by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

A video has emerged from apparently a Spanish-speaking country where family members try desperately to revive a man who is part of their family in front of a door to what appears to be some kind of emergency room in a hospital or clinic.

A security guard and some people are seen inside, but nobody with uniforms like nurses or doctors.

The security guard does come out at some point and talks to the frantic family, but does not let them in.

The family members desperately try to apply CPR to the father/husband, calling out in loud voices demanding that they open their doors.

Finally, after several minutes, an ambulance from somewhere else shows up to try and treat him.

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I don’t have the context of where this happened, but I think it is important to show this to our readers, because this could very well be the scene that soon will be experienced all across the U.S. with massive staffing problems in our hospital system that is only getting worse, as many nurses and hospital staff are quitting or being fired due to COVID vaccine mandates, while others are injured or die from the shots.

In fact, this is already starting to happen based on published news sources in recent days.

Maine Hospital Suspends Emergency-Level Care Over Staffing Shortage

Allina WestHealth’s ER, Urgent Care closed amid nurses strike

Twin Cities Emergency Room Closes During Nurse Strike

Nurses strike at Allina Health clinic in Plymouth; ER, urgent care services temporarily closed

Americans have been spoiled for very many years now with most of the country being covered with 911 emergency services where all one needs to do in the event of an emergency is dial 911 and an ambulance will show up within minutes and provide emergency care on the way to an emergency room at a local hospital or clinic.

But the COVID-19 vaccine mandates are creating a shortage of ambulance workers as well, and earlier this month the American Ambulance Association sent a warning letter to Congress that the ability to continue offering 911 services is in serious jeopardy right now.

An emergency medical service (EMS) group has issued a warning about a U.S.-wide shortage of workers that could imperil the 911 system in some places.

“This has been a problem that has that been developing over several years because of chronic underfunding shortfalls from Congress for ambulance services, but certainly during the pandemic, things have hit a crisis level,” American Ambulance Association President Shawn Baird told Fox News on Oct. 10.

In recent months, “we’ve seen a tremendous amount of workforce attrition and schools had shut down paramedic training institutions and stopped graduating new students for the last year, so we’re suddenly in a severe shortfall,” Baird said.

His organization sent a letter to the House and Senate leadership saying the EMS system is facing a “facing a crippling workforce shortage,” noting it’s a “long-term problem that has been building for more than a decade.” The labor shortage, the letter warned, may undermine the 911 emergency system and deserves congressional attention. (Full Story.)

The “entitlement” mentality of most Americans believe that medical care is some sort of “right” and that in an emergency situation everyone is “entitled” to these services.

That is not true.

The medical system in the U.S. is run by private businesses for the most part, and they don’t owe you anything, especially if they don’t have the staffing to meet emergency needs.

The publicly funded hospitals and clinics have been among the most poorly serviced medical centers for a long time now, but they are still staffed by private individuals, not elected public servants, and are under no obligation to be forced to work, especially now when the government is telling them to get a mandated experimental vaccine in order to keep their job.

This is going to be a huge wake up call for most Americans, so I am trying to warn you ahead of time.

Believe it or not, your health is YOUR responsibility, and there are no “Constitutional rights” for you to demand that others take care of you when you are sick or injured in an emergency.

So start getting to know these EMS workers and nurses in your community who are losing their jobs because they refuse to take a COVID-19 shot, and start planning accordingly.

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