Dr-Oz-Promo-Whistleblower-Poison-Food-Mike-AdamsThis is an extraordinary day for all of us who believe in the Clean Food Movement: I’m appearing on the Doctor Oz show today in a segment that discusses toxic heavy metals in rice protein, ginkgo herbs, cacao and other products. Thanks to Doctor Oz, this story is now exploding in awareness, causing more and more people to question the heavy metals contamination of proteins, herbs and superfoods grown in polluted nations like China.

Click here to see the episode teaser on DoctorOz.com. (The full segment will be available 24 hours or so after it runs on broadcast television.)


I sincerely thank the Doctor Oz production staff, camera crew, travel coordinators and especially Doctor Oz himself for the willingness to take on this topic and empower the public with this information. More and more, I see Doctor Oz expanding the boundaries of cultural conversations about foods, nutrition, healing and personal empowerment. He’s tackling subjects today that might have been out of bounds just a few years ago, and as a result he’s taking his viewers on a personal journey of self-discovery for lifelong health and wellness. Overall, I see him as a very positive force for advancing the message of holistic living across a global mainstream audience.
Help spread the word and join the grassroots action for clean food!

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With your support, we are taking this story of food contamination to the mainstream media where we will build support for a grassroots action effort to limit toxic heavy metals in the food supply. Although that goal may take many years to accomplish, this is how it starts: by raising awareness on national television, educating the public and demanding cleaner food standards for everyone!

After all, shouldn’t “organic” also mean it’s not contaminated with heavy metals?

Watch my appearance on Dr. Oz here:

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Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/045107_heavy_metals_superfoods_Health_Ranger.html#ixzz31hOZoruc

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