Marine Corps Base Camp Blaz in Guam has finished building a 200-cell penitentiary that will soon house “media personalities” who deceived Americans into believing that Joseph R. Biden legitimately won the 2020 presidential election, Real Raw News has learned.

A JAG official stationed in Guam told RRN that construction began after White Hats seized the 4,000-acre installation in January and staffed it with 2,700 patriotic Marines and sailors who denounced the Biden regime and swore to defend the Constitution of the United States. He called the prison “crude” and “basic,” saying the cement façade and steel bars are more akin to Riker’s Island than Blaz’s primary, ultramodern supermax.

“We’ll hold vacuous airheads like Mehdi Hasan, not Mark DeFriest,” our source said.

Hasan is one of MSNBC’s ultra-leftist anchors, and DeFriest, 63, is known as the Houdini of Florida, having escaped prison seven times between 1980 and 2017.

“And Anderson Cooper ain’t no ‘Hannibal’ Smith,” he added, referencing the fictional A-Team’s flamboyant leader.

He seemed to have no problem name-dropping future inmates, creatures such as Rachel Madow, Jim Acosta, Kaitlan Collins, Chris Wallace, Savannah Guthrie, and Arie Melber, as well as The View’s Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg, and talk show hosts Jimmy Kimmel and Oprah Winfrey. Amid a spiraling monologue, he also mentioned Arnon Mishkin, the Fox News Decision Desk Director who called the critical battleground state of Arizona for Joe Biden on Election Night 2020.

Asked whether JAG had sealed indictments on the above persons, he backtracked a bit: “I can’t officially say if there are indictments or on whom, but we’re expecting a full house.”

And asked when JAG plans to start populating the prison, he said, “I’m not pinning down dates, but don’t be surprised if Christmas comes early this year.”

He wouldn’t expound on that question in greater detail.

In response to inquiries on how JAG would finance indefinite detainments—the yearly cost of incarcerating a prisoner is approximately $30,000—he stated that the Deep State media personalities would fund their own prison sentences.

“Let’s be clear: There won’t be indefinite stays there. It’s temporary lodging while they wait for tribunals. We’re expecting a high turnover, a revolving door. We’ll use their seized assets to pay for their expenses—transportation, confinement, food, etc. Can you imagine the work we could do with Oprah’s money? And, believe me, we won’t be making them comfortable,” our source said.

The accommodations, he said, are spartan by design—no air conditioning, uncomfortable beds, and allotments of hot water.

“The soon-to-be in habitants defrauded America. They don’t deserve comfort or niceties. If it were up to me, I’d put a television outside each cell and full volume pipe in OANN and Newsmax 24/7. Now, that would be inhumane, cruel and unusual punishment, but deserved,” he said.

The MSM’s prision is one of three detainments facilities on the base.