Article by Leo Zagami

A sad day for democracy and liberty in leftist authoritarian Italy, where today Wednesday the 5th of January 2022 all the political parties voted unanimously to make COVID-19 vaccination mandatory for all Italians age 50 and above. The measure is immediately effective and will run until June 15.

For those who refuse there will be fines starting from 100 euros and those who continue to work without the vaccine will get fines that range from 600 to 1500 euros.

Jesuit Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s government had already made vaccination mandatory for teachers and health workers, and since October of last year, all employees must be vaccinated or show a negative test before entering the workplace.

The decree was approved after a two-and-a-half-hour cabinet meeting which saw frictions within Draghi’s multi-party coalition that were only interested in not losing face in front of their voters but ended up angering most Italians.

“Today’s measures aim to keep our hospitals functioning well and at the same time keep open schools and business activities,” Draghi told the cabinet, according to his spokesperson.

Ministers from the right-wing League issued a statement distancing themselves from the over-50 vaccine rule, calling it “without scientific foundation, considering that the absolute majority of those hospitalized with Covid are well over 60” but they still ended up voting for this nonsense.

The League allegedly succeeded in softening a previous draft of the decree which proposed that only people with proof of vaccination or recent infection could enter public offices, non-essential shops, banks, post-offices, and hairdressers but that’s only a political move to keep their voters happy before the next elections. The final decree ruled that these venues will remain open to the unvaccinated so long as they can show a negative test.

Elsewhere in Europe, Germany is expected to impose a similar mandate and Austria has announced plans to make vaccination mandatory for those over 14 years old from next month, while in Greece it will be compulsory for people over 60 years old from Jan 16.

Italy was hit later than several northern European countries by the highly contagious Omicron variant, which is described by experts and those who had it as little more than the flu. The truth is that around 74% of brainwashed Italians have already received at least two vaccination shots and 6% have had one jab, but many are resisting the booster and want to avoid it now that many adverse reactions have been reported.