Polvado Family: Ashlyn was born perfectly healthy, she was perfect and then we started to take her in for her vaccines on schedule, 2, 4, 6 months.

After every set of vaccines she had a reaction.

At four months she had a high pitch scream that was just persistent and didn’t stop. She continued to develop normally up until about two years of age and at two years of age language stopped and that’s when probably the regression into Autism started.

Lamarque Polvado: People ask me all the time about Ashlyn, who is my ten-year-old with Autism, and say “Lamarque, what happened?”

I say, “well, the start of it was two very serious reactions to two different sets of vaccines.”

They say, “well how can that be?” I say “well, when’s the last time you had informed consent? When you were given vaccines were you given the list of ingredients? Do you read your food labels?”

Nowadays people say “yeah I read my food labels I wanna know what’s going in my body.” “Have you read the ingredients for vaccines?”

“Well, no I haven’t.”

“Have you read the possible reactions? Because when you read, what my daughter experienced is on the label, but my pediatrician believed that it was so safe that it was impossible to have a reaction.”

That’s terrifying to me.

And then, you know, we talked a lot about top three food allergies like, what are vaccines grown in?


Ninety percent of vaccines are grown in eggs.

What’s in the top five food allergies the United States?


So it’s really not that far-fetched, right?

If we would have been given the vaccine label, it describes a text book vaccine reaction. Once we read that label it was just amazing to see that this was all there in black and white and should have easily been caught.

We believe she had some seizures that went undetected that we now know about but didn’t know about at the time.

Craig Buhler, D.C.: There’s going to be a certain number of kids that are gonna have these dramatic reactions.

A lot of neurological conditions are caused because of the reactions they have to those. We’ve gotten out of control with the vaccinations. I think when I was a kid

I had to have 6 vaccinations before I entered school now these kids are getting upwards of twenty-six vaccinations.

That’s just plain insanity in my world.

You’re putting all that stuff into a child’s body, their immune systems are still building and you’re committing all these, the white blood cells and immune system to certain viruses.

What happens if something new comes along?

You find certain kids that react and can die from eating a peanut, you don’t know which kid is gonna do that until it happens.

What about kids who have hypersensitivity to the mercury that’s put in vaccines to preserve them?

We overload the system, we need to cut back on those, start working on stimulating natural immunity.

Lamarque Polvado: We must have called the doctor what 5-6 times at her 2-year-old shots and clearly Ashlyn was having a text book vaccine reaction, an adverse reaction that shouldn’t happen but when we call the doctor it was just a “oh this is your first kid, give her some more Tylenol the symptoms will subside.”

From that point on is really when we got our real schooling in American medicine and what they don’t tell you.

Here’s a fascinating thing that I talk to people about the fact that, did you know that there is a separate federal court system for vaccines, right? And their mouth always drops open as if, “well, what do you mean? vaccines are safe, we don’t have a separate court system in the United States of America for vaccines?” I say “we absolutely do.”

Gerald Wootan, D.O., M.Ed: In 1986 the vaccine companies were having great financial problems and many going broke because of the suits for injury and or death of children receiving vaccines.

So congress passed a law that prohibits American citizens from suing vaccine companies
for any reason, including death. They established a separate court system to hear the cases. That court receives $.70 of every vaccine that’s been administered since 1970.

Literally billions of dollars have been spent in paying off the families of these injured children. The requirement is that they must not tell that they were given any money or how much money they received.

Lamarque Polvado: It’s hard to believe sometimes she’s so sick.

Gerald Wootan, D.O., M.Ed: This is a travesty, there is no industry in America other than the vaccine companies that is immune from suits.

What kind of cars would we be driving if the automobile manufacturers were not in fear of suit over bad or faulty products? The vaccine companies have no such fear.

We haven’t given that guarantee to any other form of industry and it certainly should not be given to an industry that the health and welfare of our children is so dependent upon.

Lamarque Polvado: Getting people to engage themselves, to engage their own mind and say “wait a second, just because the government says this is good for me, is it?”

I think it’s time for Americans to start questioning their health.