Image: C19 unvaccinated blood exposed to shedding

People ask all the time – if the blood findings in C19 unvaccinated blood are as bad as I say they are, then why are not more unvaccinated people having problems. I can clearly say they are. C19 unvaccinated individuals are describing symptoms of fatigue, palpitations, brain fog, gastrointestinal issues, anxiety, depression, new onset endocrine dysregulation, menstrual irregularities, headaches, EMF sensitivity and many other problems that they just did not have before the C19 vax rollout. Often people are sensitive enough to feel significant symptoms when exposed to C19 injected individuals.

Many people remain skeptical about shedding – I recommend you watch my new show episode on Thursday at 3 pm PST on Clouthub, which is exactly about this topic and the extensive documentation that the FDA and Pfizer has about their awareness of the phenomenon. People are not sure what is shedding, but what I can see is clear – self assembling nanotechnology sheds. Makes sense if you think about the size of pheromones or exosomes, extremely tiny particles that can be transmitted. This is why Pfizer’s document discuss that breathing the air around a C19 injected individual, a unvaccinated person can be affected and transmit this vaccine to another unvaccinated person. More on this on Thursday.

Nanotechnology can penetrate the skin at the nano scale as if it was a gas. This is an easy way to explain it.

In this post I am showing some video examples of what is seen in C19 unvaccinated blood:

Image: in the video above you see micellar spheres filled with biosensors. These spheres then build the filaments we see in the blood – as you can see in the image below, the inside of the spheres was spilled to create the hydrogel polymer filament – this contains, as I have previously explained the biosensors in them and are part of the bidirectional telemetry technology.

In the video below is a conglomeration of spheres that create a larger structure, certainly large enough to be able to create problems in the human body. Blinking lights, which I call micro robots or biosensors are visible:

In the below video we see the hydrogel filament, extensive roulaux formation of the red blood stacking and the blinking, light emitting micro robots. When I see them anywhere, I know people are contaminated – because they supervise and are part of construction, as well as bio sensing.

In this video you can see again that the center of the blinking lights contain other colors, like blue, red, orange. When these micro robots are around, the red blood cells tend to stack up, regardless if filaments are seen:

In the video below you can see how large these filaments grow. Extensive rouleaux is seen:

I have not seen anybody with clean blood coming in without detoxification regimen for over a year now and people travel to me from all over the country and even out of the country, suggesting that this problem is prevalent around the world, which is what other colleagues are also seeing. Given the fact that Clifford Carnicom and I showed that the bloods electrical conductivity is reduced up to 47%, all below treatment approaches also restore that very electrical conductivity due to the electron donor capacity of the molecules. Plaquex has remarkable ability in restoring the cellular membranes affected by oxidative stress which can be easily seen in the blood. Alkaline diet also is needed.

The contamination is not slowing down, and I believe environmental factors are part of this:

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