Scientists: ‘The silver ion is among the most toxic of heavy metal ions’

By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

Please forgive me if I sound quite angry in this story but that’s because I’m absolutely enraged at the satanical ‘powers that be‘ that have been LYING to the American people for YEARS AND YEARS, while punishing independent news outlets for reporting the truth that they’d never previously report on but now, all of a sudden, have decided to do.

For almost 10 years now we’ve been reporting here at ANP on the weather modification projects, chemtrails and ‘cloud seeding’ that the globalists have been doing to ‘modify‘ the weather but as ‘Not The Bee’ reports in this new story, for that entire time the globalists have been calling any and all such reports ‘conspiracy theories,’ with ANP being slandered as putting out ‘fake news‘ or ‘mis/dis-information’ by google for our reports which now, after nearly 10 years, the mainstream media has decided to confirm.

Seen in the tweet above from ABC News’ Ginger Zee, their chief meteorologist, who bluntly told her twitter followers and folks on TV as seen in the 1st video at the bottom of this story that “When I went to college for meteorology, cloud seeding was “inefficient & expensive.” That is NOT the case today. 42 projects in 10 states w/ hundreds of ground based cloud seeders sending silver iodide into storms to make them snow more than they naturally would,” as Infowars reports in this new story titled “Mainstream Media: Massive Weather Manipulation Operations Taking Place Across America,” yet ANOTHER ‘conspiracy theory’ has turned out to be true.

How many more such ‘conspiracy theories’ are true as well?

And one of the reasons I’m so angry right now about all of this is that google, by slandering us as putting out ‘fake news‘ by putting out such reports that have now been proven by the msm as being true, has made it almost impossible for Susan and I to survive while still keeping ANP online. Leading us to the point where we are today, with ANP being close to being put out of business due to our income being cut in half over the past few years and all of our savings now gone, ANP is looking for a pro-liberty company or sponsor who’d like to run ads on these pages, or someone who happens to be reading us who has plenty of money to spare, to help us out. If the globalists get their way there’s a chance we’ll no longer be online and we’d promised our readers several years ago we’d give them advance notice if we ever ran into this nightmare.

Just check out the next screenshot below from an email that google sent to Susan when telling us they’d disabled their ads on ANP due to us putting out ‘fake news’ and ‘misinformation.’ They specifically mentioned that we were putting out ‘fake news‘ because our stories ‘contradict authoritative scientific consensus on climate change.’ Well what about now that the msm finally agrees with us? Facebook and Twitter had also banned us from putting out our stories on their platforms over the years because they ‘contradicted authorities and consensus.’ Well as James Howard Kunstler had reported in this story we republished just days ago on ANP, chaos, corruption and downright crazy DEFINE ‘democrat rule‘ in 2023, and those who they look to and call ‘authorities‘ are largely batsh!t crazy!

So while for over a decade now, democrats, rino’s and globalists have been pushing the ‘global warming climate change‘ lies in our faces, the msm is now admitting that WE have indeed caused ‘climate change,‘ though not in the way they’ve been lying to us about, with them quite literally blaming ‘cow farts‘ and ‘cow burps‘ as was reported in this story over at US-government funded PBS.

And as Steve Quayle has astutely warned us in several different SQnotes he’s left while linking to various stories recently, not only is this ‘weaponized weather’ being directed at ‘red states,’ meaning the US govt is carrying out murder by unleashing monster-sized tornadoes or deadly hurricanes where they want them, but that these satanic globalists can insure a mass human die off through their weaponized weather warfare programs that GUARANTEE CROP FAILURE, all in the name of ‘depopulation‘ with these satanists clearly at war with Western civilization and biden and devil-rats helping them out, every step of the way.

So with ABC head meteorologist ‘Ginger Zee‘ giving us proof that governments are indeed ‘modifying the weather‘ by sending ‘silver iodide‘ up into the clouds to make it rain more or make it snow more in various places, confirming what we’ve been reporting on ANP now for almost a decade but labeled as ‘fake news‘ and ‘misinformation‘ by google and ‘big tech‘ for doing so, just check out what the website AGU, Advancing Earth and Space Science, says about the ‘silver ion they are spraying into our skies.:

The silver ion is among the most toxic of heavy metal ions, particularly to microorganisms and to fish.

And while they then attempt to ‘tamp down‘ that warning by claiming “The ease with which Ag forms insoluble compounds, however, reduces its importance as an environmental contaminant,” we’re also warned by Fisher Scientific that silver iodide does indeed affect the human body in many negative ways.:

How does silver iodide affect the body? Chronic: Chronic inhalation or ingestion of silver salts may cause argyria characterized by a permanent blue-gray discoloration of the eyes, skin, mucous membranes, and internal organs. This malady results from the accumulation of silver in the body.

Caution! May cause eye and skin irritation. May cause respiratory and digestive tract irritation. Light sensitive. May cause reproductive and fetal effects. The toxicological properties of this material have not been fully investigated. 

Target Organs: Thyroid. 

Potential Health Effects 

Eye: May cause eye irritation. 

Skin: May cause skin irritation. Can cause eczema and rash. 

Ingestion: May cause irritation of the digestive tract. The toxicological properties of this substance have not been fully investigated. Chronic ingestion of iodides during pregnancy has resulted in fetal death, severe goiter, and cretinoid appearance of the newborn. 

Inhalation: May cause respiratory tract irritation. May cause effects similar to those described for ingestion. The toxicological properties of this substance have not been fully investigated

Chronic: Chronic inhalation or ingestion of silver salts may cause argyria characterized by a permanent blue-gray discoloration of the eyes, skin, mucous membranes, and internal organs. This malady results from the accumulation of silver in the body. Chronic ingestion of iodides during pregnancy has resulted in fetal death, severe goiter, and cretinoid appearance of the newborn. Prolonged exposure to iodides may produce iodism in sensitive individuals. Symptoms could include skin rash, running nose and headache.

Yeah, sounds like nothing at all to worry about to us. (Stated with heavy sarcasm and deep anger!)

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With Dane Wigington over at the Geoengineering Watch website one of the most authoritative voices and experts on ‘weather modification‘ long warning us exactly where we were headed if we kept moving down the road we’ve long been on, and Ginger Zee confirming these kinds of programs have been in existence since the 1940’s, that means the ‘toxic‘ silver ions have been being sprayed into the atmosphere for decades now.

And with Fisher Scientific admitting there have been no long term studies on how this cloud seeding is affecting human beings, but bluntly warning silver is one of the most toxic ions known to man and the more that it is sprayed into the atmosphere, the more it has a chance to accumulate and damage not only the wildlife around us but proof it damages human beings as well, think all of that might have something to do with the mass animal, fish and wildlife die-off the website End Times Prophecy has been reporting on for years now?
The following extremely important extended excerpt comes to us from this Infowars story.:

A recent report by ABC News is catching the attention of many Americans as it calls for a weather modification technique called cloud seeding to save areas like the Colorado River, which is suffering a drought. 

ABC News Chief Meteorologist Ginger Zee told the audience, “There are currently 42 cloud-seeding projects across the American West, like this one in Utah where they take planes like this with flares attached. They fly right into the storm and send microscopic [silver iodide] particles into the cloud.”

Zee later told the mainstream news audience that studies since the 1940s have allegedly shown no environmental or health effects in relation to the spraying. 

Asked by her colleague if there is “anything wrong with manipulating nature like this,” Zee oddly compared the cloud-seeding operations to parking lots and buildings. 

“That’s the question we should have asked when we built every single parking lot and every rooftop, we have been manipulating weather with our… us, for a very long time,” she said. 

Concluding her statement, Zee admitted we need to keep an eye on how people “downstream” are affected by the weather modification operations.

Some researchers are even using artificial intelligence to program and operate cloud-seeding drones. 

ABC was sure to tell viewers “studies” have shown no negative environmental impact from the cloud-seeding operations. 

“Thanks for making another conspiracy theory mainstream news though,” joked hip-hop artist An0maly.

Meanwhile, as scientists manipulate the weather without full knowledge of how it could alter the climate elsewhere, the average American is being shamed by the political establishment for drinking out of plastic straws and driving vehicles with gasoline engines. (ANP: Not to mention cows being shamed for their burps and farts!)

It’s plausible the 42 known cloud-seeding operations and an unknown amount of other weather manipulation schemes are more responsible for the recent increase in extreme weather events than “global warming.”

So with the msm finally, after all of these decades, admitting that ‘weather modification‘ programs are real and are being used all across America and over the planet, and have been for years and years behind the backs of most Americans, what else are they hiding from us? With google also calling us ‘fake news‘ or putting out ‘misinformation‘ because we’ve reported upon things such as the fraud and deceit and treason that took place during the 2020 election; the COVID bioweapon attack upon America; all of the deaths that have come about since the unveiling of the ‘clot shot‘; and why the 1st and 2nd Amendments are absolutely critical to the future of America, we can rest assured that the list of lies we’ve been told is long and deadly.

With these globalists LONG PUSHING for massive ‘depopulation‘ in America and throughout Western Civilization as was documented for years and years on the website which showed an America with a population of well below 100 million by the year 2025, a HUGE drop of more than 230 million, and our reports about Deagel over the years also called ‘fake news,’ if I were one of the globalists who has been secretly and stealthily killing off people to get America’s population down to below 100 million in less than 2 years from now, I’d be scared to death as more and more Americans awaken to the fact they’re carrying out genocide. 

So while we here at ANP will keep on fighting for freedom and the human race as long as we are able to, being sure to report every day upon the topics that the msm refused to for years and years, (as the media was always supposed to do rather than spewing blatant political propaganda,) if you’re a reader who knows of a pro-liberty company who is willing to advertise with or sponsor ANP, Susan and I are in grave need of immediate help with us running approx. $1,000 a month short every month and all of our savings now gone. Because with these devils in Washington DC and ‘big tech‘ still labeling us as putting out ‘disinformation‘ or ‘misinformation,’ despite more and more of our stories now confirmed as ‘fact‘ and a part of ‘the scientific consensus,’ we’ll be gone before you know it if they get their way.