Kevin Annett: Witnesses identify Canada PM Harper Cabinet Minister Denis Lebel in 2/22/14 Ninth Circle child sacrifice next to Jesuit headquarters in Rome


Kevin Annett: Canada PM Harper Cabinet Minister… by exopoliticsTV

VANCOUVER, BC – In an ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, Kevin Annett, North American field secretary of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State ( announce that evidence had come to light identifying a senior level cabinet minister of the Harper Government in Canada, Denis Lebel, as having participated in the ritual slaying of a male child in a Ninth Circle sacrificial cult event next to the Jesuit Headquarters in Rome on February 22, 2014. It was thought, Mr. Annett stated, that among the motives were infiltration with intent to control the Canadian government at senior levels.

According to ITCCS, “Prime Minister Harper’s senior cabinet minister for Quebec and the head of the powerful Privy Council, Denis Lebel, was present at a Ninth Circle ritual in Rome on February 22 of this year, according to evidence given to ITCCS officials last week by an eyewitness.

Lebel was in Rome at the head of an official Canadian delegation to the inauguration of Quebec Archbishop Gerald Lacroix, who was ordained a Cardinal by Jesuit Pope Francis, Jorge Bergoglio, earlier that same day of February 22, 2014. (

“Cardinal Lacroix was also present at the Ninth Circle ritual attended by Denis Lebel, according to an eyewitness. The witness claims that the incident involved the serial anal rape and killing of “a little boy about five or six” and took place at midnight in basement chambers of the Jesuit-run International Youth Centre within the Church San Lorenzo Piscibus in Rome, less than a mile from the Vatican.

“Cardinal Lacroix is also believed to have been scheduled to participate in the Ninth Circle sacrificial ritual in Westmount, Quebec on August 15 that was disrupted by an ITCCS special action unit. (see, August 20, 2014)”

During his interview, Mr. Annett released an official statement indicating that an ITCCS inquiry into Denis Lebel’s reported participation in the Ninth Circle child sacrifice would follow, including ITCCS arrest warrants for Denis Lebel, in which the ITCCS would ask for the cooperation of the community and civil authorities in enforcement. Mr. Annett indicated that there may have been a connection between the 2.22.14 Ninth Circle ritual child sacrifice in which Canadian Cabinet minister Denis Lebel participated, and a 10.22.14 Ottawa possible False Flag operation in which Cpl. Nathan Cirillo. ITCCS investigation continues into the 10.22.14 Ottawa False Flag.

Prime Minister Harper and his government are tentatively scheduled for a national election on October 19, 2015.