The truckers are taking their loop around DC which is the crowning of our new America. People are standing on bridges and overpasses decreeing over our free will. Bridges represent a transition. It is TIME for EVERYONE to sign the new Declaration of Independence!!! ——- We the People declare and decree God‘s people are being set free!!! RESIGN from the old corporation And RE-SIGN the new declaration!!! ——- Trump spoke over us on July 4, 2020 at Mount Rushmore (the 244 year Delta of the original signing) He told us he was going to append and re-sign the new Declaration of Independence!! Click the link below and RE-SIGN today! Be be part of history!!! This is a movement for every nation, tribe and people… Every color, every language every country. We are all God’s children! ———- The Declaration of Independence gives us the specific steps to follow when our government(s) have gone rogue. 1.) Put our existing administration on notice 2.) Terminate/abolish those who are not acting for the greatest good of we the people 3.) Put them on citizens arrest 4.) If they still will not back down we call in our armed forces! You can sign all four petitions if you click on the link below… LETS GO!!!!