US Sec of Navy admits they oversee mind control research.

Your lives are taken from you through secrecy

Your lives are taken from you through secrecy. If your conscious thought patterns are altered by artificial means, etc., especially through electronics, electromagnetics, sonics, etc., you don’t have your real life – someone else has it and they have you.

The US Navy has been engaged in mind control for decades. What a hideous sideline for a military – to attack their fellow citizens! What a putrid, lurid, scummy branch of military – almost as bad as Army intel units.

According to some suicide statistics, military personnel are “reaping the whirlwind”.

To think how the public has been taken in by the glamorization of military! Ugh. Think about how the US Secretary and/or Under Secretary looks over your shoulder as the torture mind control frequencies envelop you. Your shameful, putrid, unjust, ‘whiteboy’ government from hell!!!!!!!!

When you see ‘The Honorable’, or ‘The Hon.’ in front of those officials’ names you can forget honorable. You must learn to disrespect those bought and paid for A$$H0e$ from hell and re-train yourselves. If you knew what they are doing with your bonds you would hate them and know they are dishonorable, not honorable!

It is the US military, bankers, and US officials – your bondkeepers that are bringing the destruction of America.

“The ) is the Approval Authority
for research involving … severe or unusual intrusions, either physical
or psychological, on human subjects (such as consciousness-altering
drugs or mind-control techniques).”


US Sec of Navy admits they oversee mind control research

Navy authorizes new Mind Control Experiments, Why? & Poll