By Hal Turner
All United Airlines Flights in at least the entire United States, are presently under system-wide Ground Halt. None can take-off from anywhere because . . . get this . . . the Weight and Balance Main Frame Computer in Chicago . . . crashed. Gee, looks like the vax mandates crashed their most important computer . . . what a coincidence!
(see numerous tweets at source)

Management thought they were all big and bad “MANDATING” their employees accept a toxic, experimental, gene-altering, “vaccine” that doesn’t seem to protect anyone from catching COVID or from transmitting it to others. Even though a whole slew of people HAVE DIED from the vaccine, management ignores that reality and demands employees take the death-dart/clot-shot anyway. Suddenly, the company’s main computers are having troubles. Gee, what a coincidence!

@united f**k you. why are we still not in the air, it’s been 60+ minutes with no notice, how have you still not solved your technical issues? you’re delaying all your flights now, this is ridiculous

— Brittney (@grandpashreds) October 12, 2021
Gee, United Executives, sounds like you’ve suddenly got a sh*t-ton of very unhappy customers. HMMMMMMM. Maybe you should re-think your “mandate?” While you still have a company left to save . . .
After all, how long can coincidences like this go on before the traveling public decides United is too unreliable to bother looking with?

OOOOOH . . . look at THIS comment . . . . “should have flown someone else . . . . . it’s starting already United! ! !

Look, this is simple. President Biden does not have Executive Order authority over the American people OR over American Corporations. Nowhere in the Constitution for the United States is any President empowered to issue “Executive Orders” to anyone but the Executive Branch employees.

YOU, however, pursuant to the ninth and tenth Amendment to that same Constitution, have “powers not delegated to the United States by this Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, (which) fall to the states or to the people.”

Biden does not have the power, so your states and WE THE PEOPLE, automatically have them.

IGNORE the federal presidential “mandate.” While you still have a company left to save.