Trump Family Threatened! Endgame! Heneghan

Make sure you tweet this to Trump @potus and @realdonaldtrump and tell President Trump to get Lee Wanta paid the trillions he is owed so Wanta can pay for the wall himself!   Let’s do this!  If all of you do this you will change everything and educate millions to the truth!

Lee Wanta, the trillion dollar man joined Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb in todays broadcast!  The biggest news in the broadcast is not being reporting on the fake news yet.  The deep state has threatened President Trump’s family and he’s making arrangements to get them out of DC!  Does this means he’s ready to go to war and is getting his family to safety for what is to come?

I sure hope President Trump is preparing to go into battle because his only chance is to do what President Lincoln did during the Civil War and order mass arrests!   Sessions isn’t going to do Anything!   He’s a Senior Executive Services (SES) traitor and should be arrested immediately!    It’s time to suspend habeas corpus and put people in prison to await military tribunals!  Lincoln did it and Trump MUST do it otherwise our Republic is gone!  Lincoln made over 14,000 arrests for treason, insurrection, spying or sabotage.  Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstien Jeff Sessions, and many top leaders of the corrupt FBI and DOJ are breaking the law by letting Hillary Clinton and the deep state get away with EVERYTHING while conducting illegal raids on Trump’s associates!  They have refused to release documents and covered up crimes.  They are lowest scum of all because they are traitors and make our country a banana republic.

When the keepers of the law become LAWLESS it’s time to call in the military for tribunals!   It’s time to invoke the full power of the Presidency and begin the mass arrests!   Lincoln did and Hillary admitted she was worried that “If Trump WINS, we all hang from Nooses!”    It’s time to make that fear a reality!   Trump is the only one who can do this.  If not, our country is a total FRAUD and will always be a fraud.  One of the few things I ever disagreed with Trump on is when he said “The Clintons are nice people”.   They are not nice people and they have broken the law.  If they don’t go to jail then we might as well let everybody out of jail!  These “nice people” want you DEAD or impeached President Trump!   You don’t WIN wars being on defense!   If you’re not getting advice to start arrests then God help us!  Go on OFFENSE now or get destroyed and let the deep state win.  You can’t win legally when they have stacked the deck and are breaking laws to bring you down!

Barbara Bush is now dead.  The fake news will NEVER tell you the crimes she was part of and the money she stole with her husband!  They are going to tell you how GREAT she was!  Tom reports she was HEAVILY involved in the crimes of her husband.  She was the banker and ruthless from what I was told.  She even said on TV one time she would kill anybody that messed with her boys.

I believe if arrests of Mueller, Rosenstein and many others in the FBI and DOJ are not made by summer, Trump will be one term and done.  They will blackmail him into anything they want best case.  Worst case they just impeach him when they take the House and Senate.  The only thing that will keep Trump in for a second term is arrests and taking out the garbage.   The American people will settle for nothing less.  When we said “Lock Her Up!” we weren’t kidding!  It wasn’t a joke.  If Hillary never gets in trouble then our country means nothing!   In fact it’s a joke and a fraud.  I’m ashamed we shot missiles into Syria when I don’t believe Assad did the attack, if there was one.  How many times have they been caught staging false flag attacks or just faking them entirely.  Not one advisor told Trump this I’m sure.

If they get rid of Trump, another Bush puppet like Pence will be elected and this country will never rise again.  The deep state scum actually believe they can get Romney in there next!  Can you believe these idiots!   A donkey could run against Romney and win.  Everybody knows Romney is a total rich, criminal phony and a stooge for Daddy Bush.  You don’t elect a loser that was picked to run against ObamaFraud so Obama was guaranteed to win.  Romney took his nice big paycheck after he lost just like pro wrestling.  It’s all  a big con!

There’s nobody out there who can do what Trump did!   The deep state will insure it never is allowed to happen if they get rid of Trump.   So please PRAY for God to give Donald Trump the gift of wisdom, vision and guidance for what has to come.  Tom just reported the information gathered in the illegal raid on Michael Cohen is the finishing move by the deep state!   Either Trump takes these people down SOON or they compromise him and blackmail him into doing anything they want!  We lose!   Get this show everywhere!  Nobody puts out this kind of hardcore truth but Heneghan, Wanta and Webb.

It’s why Alex Jones was forced to tell the biggest lie he ever told to cover for his deep state masters who put Wanta in prison and tried to kill him!  Jones continues to run from all patriots who attempt to reach him at to ask him about the huge lie he told in the video below.  All lies come from satan.  If you didn’t try to reach Jones yourself and ask him why he lied then you’re not holding him accountable and part of the problem because you think he is going to WIN for you.  He’s not and this lie for the deep state proves he’s there to make sure we lose by withholding key information and lying at critical times.  No reason to lie about this unless you’re on payroll.  Get that last video out there too!  Copy everything to all Youtube channels.  Fire everything!