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It is completely unacceptable, and even dangerous in this case, that the World Health Organization (WHO) deliberately misleads the public about “herd immunity” and vaccines.

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The World Health Organization is Giving False
Medical Advice About Herd Immunity and Vaccines
Free People Foundation (FPF) Document 20201224-1
December 24, 2020
By Koen Jacobs for the FPF and the people it represents
When it comes to giving medical advice, anyone and any company can do so, even when the
medical advice is false or deliberately incorrect.
However, giving false or deliberately incorrect medical advice in return for a payment is a
crime in most, if not all, countries in the world.
Whatever the country is that you were born in or live in, it is highly likely that your national
government contributes money every year to the World Health Organization (WHO). This is
true also for my federal government in Belgium.
Since 2011, the Belgian federal government gives between 9 million and 15 million euro to the
WHO [1], every year. In May of this year [2], 2020, this was increased by an additional 4
million euro.
This money is public money, taxpayer money. This means that all tax-paying citizens, in my
case in Belgium, give the WHO money in return for something that the WHO allegedly has to
The WHO offers medical advice, which it obtains from its “experts,” and it coordinates national
and international responses to, for instance, epidemics and pandemics – which includes
coordinating the manufacturing and distribution of vaccines.
The Belgian people, thus, pay the WHO for its advice and services. This means that the WHO
commits a crime when it gives false or deliberately incorrect medical advice to the people of
Belgium and the Belgian government(s).
Herd Immunity and False Medical Advice
What is herd immunity?
According to Encyclopædia Britannica [3], herd immunity is a “state in which a large
proportion of a population is able to repel an infectious disease, thereby limiting the extent to
which the disease can spread from person to person. Herd immunity can be conferred
through natural immunity, previous exposure to the disease, or vaccination. An entire
population does not need to be immune to attain herd immunity. Rather, herd immunity can
occur when the population density of persons who are susceptible to infection is sufficiently
low so as to minimize the likelihood of an infected individual coming in contact with a
susceptible individual.”
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Merriam-Webster dictionary [4] states that herd immunity is
“a reduction in the risk of infection with a specific communicable disease (such as measles or
influenza) that occurs when a significant proportion of the population has become immune to
infection (as because of previous exposure or vaccination) so that susceptible individuals
are much less likely to come in contact with infected individuals.”
About herd immunity, ScienceDirect [5] states:
“Herd immunity refers to the fact that, once a pathogen-dependent proportion of group
members is immunised through either natural infection or vaccination, the disease
can no longer successfully transmit to new hosts and will eventually go locally extinct
in a population, freeing the nonimmunised minority from the risk of infection.”
ScienceDirect, citing the publication “Epidemiology and control of community infections” [6],
also states that “[t]he decision whether to introduce herd immunity artificially by
immunization against a particular disease will depend on several epidemiological principles.”
Clearly, there exists a very broad and even a historic consensus about the fact that herd
immunity is first and foremost a natural state that is attained by human populations.
In addition to this, there’s also the simple logic that natural herd immunity has been existing
much longer than artificial herd immunity through vaccines. The logic is that vaccines are in
fact very novel compared to the existence of humans on this planet and our herd immunity.
Initially, this was also quite correctly reflected on the WHO’s website [7], when the WHO
“Herd immunity is the indirect protection from an infectious disease that happens when
a population is immune either through vaccination or immunity developed through
previous infection.”
However, recently the WHO has willingly changed it’s description of herd immunity, and
replaced it with a deliberately incorrect description for herd immunity. The exact same
webpage where it earlier quite correctly described herd immunity now deliberately states
incorrectly [8]:
“’Herd immunity’, also known as ‘population immunity’, is a concept used for
vaccination, in which a population can be protected from a certain virus if a threshold
of vaccination is reached. Herd immunity is achieved by protecting people from a virus,
not by exposing them to it.“
This statement is false medical advice for at least 2 reasons.
First, it falsely suggests that humans can not attain herd immunity without a vaccine. The
WHO knows very well that their updated description for herd immunity is patently untrue. With
it, it deliberately and misleadingly advises people to get vaccinated because allegedly there is
no alternative. All the while there IS a natural, and more healthy, alternative – natural herd
Second, the WHO implies that a vaccine does not contain a virus. This is also patently untrue.
Influenza vaccines, COVID-19 vaccines and many other vaccines DO contain a virus or
multiple viruses, this is common knowledge.
If vaccines didn’t contain one or more viruses, vaccines would not be able to trigger a desired
response by the human body, which includes the production of antibodies against one or
more viruses.
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This false medical advice is very dangerous
because it can result in severe adverse reactions and even death for those who receive a
vaccine, as admitted by the US FDA in October 2020 during a meeting about COVID-19
vaccines and adverse reactions [9].
I suspect that the WHO is trying to deceive the public at large for at least 2 reasons.
One, it wants the younger generations of today and the generations in the future
wrongly/falsely to believe that there never was such a real-world state or concept called
“natural herd immunity” of which vaccines were not a part.
What else could be the reason? Because there certainly is no historic or recent consensus
about there only existing an “artificial herd immunity” through vaccines. On the contrary, as I
have pointed out earlier.
Two, with more and more people rightfully becoming hesitant to receiving vaccines, the
WHO’s corporate financiers – including the pharmaceutical companies that produce and want
to make billions of dollars, euros and shekels in profits with vaccines – are fearing that they
will not be able to deceive enough people into receiving a vaccine, as long as a correct
definition for herd immunity is published on the WHO’s website and in its printed documents.
Especially the novel COVID-19 vaccines that, by the way, have never been tested for their
long-term (side) effects. Which is why these vaccines are potentially very dangerous and
could result in many deaths. Deaths that would be caused mainly, if not only, because the
public and governments were deliberately falsely advised by the WHO.
As I mentioned, vaccine hesitancy is a rightful result. Since the WHO its own “experts” have
admitted in 2019, during a closed-door meeting, that there are no ‘gold standards’ to test
vaccine safety – at all.
This WHO meeting can be (re)viewed online using these links:
Video link:
Video link:
It is FPF’s mission and duty to defend and enforce the public’s human, legal and medical
rights. This in accordance with Article 3 of the FPF’s Deed of Establishment [10].
Through this document published today, FPF20201224-1, we demand that:
1. The government(s) take(s) proper action against the WHO, in accordance with all
applicable laws, immediately.
2. The United Nations (UN) and the WHO publish and use only a correct definition for
“herd immunity” on all their websites and in all their printed documents. The UN and
the WHO must also publicly announce that they have deliberately and wrongfully, if not
falsely, described “herd immunity” and vaccines, and why exactly this has occurred – as
documented in this FPF document (FPF20201224-1).
Anything less by the government(s), the UN and the WHO will be interpreted as a deliberate
attempt to deceive the public at large at the behest of the pharmaceutical companies and
anyone else who produces vaccines and/or wants to generate huge profits through vaccines,
including the novel COVID-19 vaccines.
The FPF will not accept, under any circumstances, that public institutions willingly misinform
and endanger any citizen of any country.
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