(The Best Years in Life) For you vaccine promoters: If you you’re a true believer, go for it. But the rest of us have a right to avoid them and enjoy our God given immunity and good health by eating and living according natural law. The precedence from California’s mandated vaccine program sends a dangerous message to the rest of the States.

Even Canada picked up their vaccination mania momentum after California’s corrupted legislators and governor signed SB277 into law, which is expected to be enforced in 2016. Recently, MD members of the CMA (Canadian Medical Association) voted to endorse mandatory vaccinations and exclude a vaccine injury compensation program at their annual meeting in Halifax.

Nice, a vicious double whammy. The vaccine injury program in the United States was established to protect vaccine producing pharmaceutical companies from massive class action lawsuits. So if there is no vaccine injury compensation program, that should mean individuals in Canada can sue vaccine producers for vaccine injuries.

Then again, I understand the tort system of Canada is not as financially punishing to defendants who sued successfully as here in the USA. Remember, Canada uses a single-payer platform to pay medical expenses for their citizens.

After a few years of heavy vaccination programs I predict their system will suffer greatly from the added expenses of vaccine injured as well as continued care for those whose immune systems are compromised by vaccinations.

In case you’re not familiar with this state sponsored medical tyranny in California, it requires that all children entering school have to be up to date with most of the CDC recommended vaccinations, or they can’t attend.

The bill gets rid of all vaccination exemptions except for medical reasons that are decided by MDs. But MDs do not understand what those medical reasons could be, and they are rewarded for vaccinating often while being exempt from liability. There are many medical reasons.

The Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System (VAERS) is voluntary and is very rarely used by doctors. Most parents don’t even know about it. Those who survive vaccinations without directly debilitating injuries often wind up with long term compromised immune systems.

No choice is allowed for parents to decide on whether or not to have their children vaccinated, unless they home-school. Considering the reputation of California as a national trendsetter, this recent adventure of total state and medical control bodes badly for the rest of us who know vaccines are dangerous and ineffective.

There are many who enjoy good health and rarely get sick who have shunned vaccinations for the most part. The rest can maintain their ignorance and comforting illusions all they want.

Help the Movement to Repeal SB277

This is the most bodacious counter-attack against actual state tyranny anyone could ask for. Former California assemblyman and gubernatorial candidate, now radio talk show host, Tim Donnelly, has initiated a referendum to take SB277 to a public ballot that could decide whether SB277 will stand at the polls in November of 2016.

It’s a long shot for even getting off the ground and into the voting polls. California state law requires 365,000 valid state registered voters to sign the petition within 90 days of Governor Brown’s signing the bill into law. Guided by Big Pharma lobbyists’ generous financial contributions, state legislators passed the bill into Jerry Brown’s ready quick signature on June 30, 2015.

So they have only until the end of September to get the required signatures to call a vote on SB277. Donnelly is passionate about the referendum. He asserts the bill is “devastating to parents” right to choose how their children are treated medically. “Why should the state have more control over our children’s health than we do?” he asked.

Though a lot has to happen in a short time, Donnelly has been gratified and encouraged by what he called “a huge outpouring” of bipartisan opposition to the bill. “I’ve never seen anything like it,” he said. “We’ve got hardcore Christian conservatives working side by side with people on the far left.”

Christina Hildebrand has pledged her group, A Voice for Choice into the referendum attempt. She is also pursuing means to bring SB277’s unconstitutionality into the courts system.

Donations toward the SB277 referendum and other legal attempts at overturning this tyrannical bill can come from anywhere. California registered voters only applies to only signing the referendum petition.

Get Pan!

Senator Richard Pan was the primary author and key legislator of SB277. He brought the bill into the State House and Senate on the heels of the so-called Disney measles “outbreak” hysteria with solid financial backing from Big Pharma.

SB277 opponents have begun gathering the 35,926 signatures needed from voters in Pan’s district to qualify for a recall election. They have until 31 December 2015 to gather the necessary support. If they are successful, an election for Pan’s seat would be held within 180 days after the secretary of state verifies the signatures.

One of the most publicly vocal against Senator Pan is a former active Pan political supporter, John Berchielli, who was recently seriously vaccine injured himself. He talks about his plight and SB277 in this video.

Let’s hope the forced vaccination resistors of California resolve this fascist issue of medical tyranny before it takes hold and spreads beyond it’s borders. Online health freedom journalist Tim Bolen said it best, “The second American Civil War has begun, and it started over vaccines.”

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