The Poisoned Needle
(Suppressed Facts About Vaccinations)

“Vaccines DAMAGE EVERY SINGLE ORGAN IN THE BODY, the HEART gets destroyed first, and many people after getting Vaccines get Heart Attacks. VACCINES JUST POISON THE WHOLE BODY, they CANNOT PROTECT, they are based on lies”

The Poisoned Needle by Eleanor McBean (1957) Complete book on-line

(Suppressed Facts About Vaccinations)

Eleanor McBean was a child when the 1918 Spanish Flu came, her parents didn’t believe in taking vaccines. They never got the Spanish Flu of 1918, only those who took the VACCINES got it and they perished. THE VACCINES IS WHAT KILLED the people who took the VACCINES. She wrote a book in 1977 called THE POISONED NEEDLE, you can read it online, there are many chapters to read and you will LEARN so MUCH. I read this online about 7 years ago.

Here are some of the articles: Vaccination is based on a False Premise. Vaccination lowers resistence and Invites Disease, Summarizing the Case Against Vaccination, Small Pox Declined before Vaccination was Enforced, Statements of Health Officials Regarding Vaccinate Smallpox, Unvaccinated Disease declined faster than vaccinated smallpox, Report from British India, Chart showing increase of smallpox under compulsory Vaccination, Vaccinatd increased Diptheria in Some Countries, Suppressed Facts about Vaccination, History of Vaccination, Who Started vaccinations and Why?, Vaccination is not scientific, Increased Death rate after Vaccination was Established

T.B. Caused by Vaccinations, Vaccination Does NOT Immunize say Authorities, Even Jenner recognized the Failure of Vaccines, Re-Vaccination Destroys Promised Immunity, Records show Re-Vaccination Fakes

Cancer caused by Vaccination, Poison Photos of Fatal Cancer caused by Vaccination, American Cancer Society Reveals Startling Facts, Doctors forces a Nation of Invalids, Faulty Cancer Research Impedes Progress, The Medically Made Iron Curtain, 90% Die of Medically Treated Cancer, Cancer No Mystery, Lymphatic Involement in Cancer, Does Diet have any Effect on Cancer, What’s wrong with Early Diagnosis?

Syphilis and Vaccination, Encyclopedia on Vaccinal Syphilis, More Evidence, WHY IMMUNIZATION CANNOT IMMUNE AGAINST SMALL POX,

OTHER DISEASES CAUSED BY VACCINATION, 30,438 SOLDIERS were Stricken by Vaccination Disease, Defective Teeth and Eyesight Traced to Vaccination, Foot and Mouth Disease Caused By Vaccination, What other Authorities say about Vaccination and Disease,

VACCINATION increase Common Disease Measles, Flu, Chicken Pox, Mumps, Small pox, City Survey Before and After Vaccination Shows INCREASE in DISEASE, FALSIFIED Smallpox Reports, Post War general Reveals Truth about Vaccination, WHAT DOES VACCINATION DO TO THE BODY,


DEATH FROM VACCINATION, Five Hundred Killed y Vaccination in Five Months in US, SOLDERS DISABLED and KILLED BY VACCINATIONS, PHOTOS of Victim of Vaccinations,

Other Disease Caused by Vaccination, Government Reports Reveal MORE DEATHS FROM Vaccinations then from Small pox,

She also tells that ALL VACCINES ARE POISON

Vaccines DAMAGE EVERY SINGLE ORGAN IN THE BODY, the HEART gets destroyed first, and many people after getting Vaccines get Heart Attacks. VACCINES JUST POISON THE WHOLE BODY, they can NOT PROTECT, they are based on lies. And it is scientifically IMPOSSIBLE to catch a VIRUS the only way to get a VIRUS is to be INJECTED WITH IT. SWINE FLU IS A HOAX look that up, SWINE FLU IS ABOUT GENOCIDE look that up too, do a search for this SWINE FLU PIG IN A POKE