The Sanctity of Human Blood: Vaccination is Not Immunization

Author: Tim O’Shea

It is becoming increasingly obvious that our country is becoming more and more physically disabled. Our nation’s poor health is increasing in accordance with our expanding mandated vaccine policies. Accurate, unbiased and referenced information, concerning vaccines, is very desperately needed.

By the time the average person reaches adulthood they will have accumulated approximately 68 vaccines. We need to start asking questions. How many are too many? What are the short and long term consequences of the various combinations? Do vaccines really achieve their advertised purpose or are facts and figures manipulated for the monetary benefit of the corporations? Are there any long term studies proving the safety of vaccines …or……are we and our children the long term studies? Most importantly, what are the ingredients in vaccines and how are these ingredients determined and tested?

Tim O’Shea’s much needed book “The Sanctity of Human Blood : Vaccination is Not Immunization”, answers these questions and much more. It will be shocking to some to realize that vaccines are not created and marketed for public protection. After reading O’Shea’s book, one will be much more aware of where much of our chronic illness originates. The consequences of poor diet and chemicals in the environment, together with the negative alteration of our immune systems through injecting foreign bacteria, viruses and toxic chemicals directly into our blood stream, will become starkly clear. It is not always pleasant to confront certain realities…….but, only if we are aware of the propaganda and manipulation being used against us, will we be able to do something about it. The documented information that the author presents in this book is vital for our understanding, so we may begin to reverse the medical nightmare we are currently experiencing.

O’Shea speaks of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Shaken Baby Syndrome – all new labels to place the blame on “unknown” causes or parental abuse. I personally know of a case where a sickly baby was given a series of vaccines, stopped breathing and died as a result. The father who was rushing the baby to the hospital was arrested for murdering the baby (shaking it to death). He was later set free when it was proven in court that vaccination can cause the identical symptoms claimed to result from shaking a baby. Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy is also used often as an excuse for blaming the victim.

The author guides us down a path through the various mandated vaccines, explaining all of what you need to know, concerning each vaccine. O’Shea brings up a point which I often feel is necessary to share in my writings involving the politics of Lyme Disease…..”It is historical fact that fortunes are not made in discovering causes for disease, but in marketing cures for them. ” I would just like to add here that fortunes really are not even made marketing cures but only symptomatic treatments and what we consider to be honest charities never seem to come up with “cures”, even though that is supposed to be their primary function.

The book also explains why our government agencies are not protecting us from the greed of the pharmaceutical companies. Here is a quote from page 115 from Representative Dan Burton. “CDC routinely allows scientists with blatant conflicts of interest to serve on influential advisory committees that make recommendations on new vaccines, “Burton told UPI “All the while these same scientists have financial ties, academic affiliations, and other vested interests in the products and companies for which they are supposed to be providing unbiased oversight.”

This is why parents so urgently need to educate themselves thoroughly on the vaccine issue. No one cares more about your children than you do……certainly not the faceless government corporations.

O’Shea’s book is very thorough, covering everything from cancer, AIDS, autoimmune disease and even death, as possible side effects from vaccines.. He speaks of the HPV or Gardasil vaccine. It’s stated purpose is to prevent cervical cancer. We are told what is in the vaccine and the listed side effects. Here is a shocking statement from the manufacturer, found on page 156. Gardasil…..”not been evaluated for carcinogenicity or impairment of fertility.” In other words, a vaccine which is supposed to prevent cervical cancer in 12 year olds, could possibly cause cancer and infertility. I think that it is important for us to be aware that vaccines have been used in other countries to purposely promote infertility and consequently reduce population growth.

More and more “High Risk” groups, requiring vaccines, are continually being invented and it appears as if the pace is picking up. Today I received an email from the National Vaccine Information Center, which is warning people that the Merck HPV (Gardasil vaccine) slated for 12 year old girls….will soon be marketed for boys and maybe even men. Merck’s explanation is that “changing sexual practices, such as more frequent oral sex, in adolescents and young adults, COULD (emphasis mine) contribute to an increase in oncogenic HPV- associated oropharyngeal cancers.”

O’Shea has made what could have been a complicated scientific account into an extremely informative, well organized book, which can be very easily understood.The Sanctity of Human Blood: Vaccination Is Not Immunization, 11th edition
is a must read for pregnant women, parents, the elderly….actually for just about everyone. I heartily recommend this book to anyone who loves and cares about themselves, their family and their friends. The vaccination issue affects all of us. Read it and pass it on to anyone you can think of. Our children are our future.