Tuesday, January 12, 2016


And Especially for Snopes.dumb

by Anna Von Reitz

For those who have been attempting to “look me up” among the Bar Association Members in Alaska or searching for my face among the judges of the Administrative and Admiralty Courts —you won’t find me or any of the other Common Law or Federal (Postal District instead of US District) Judges in those locations, because we are part of the Land Courts and they are part of the Corporate and Maritime Courts.

There are three(3) Court Systems in America: (1) Common Law; (2) Administrative Law; (3) Maritime/Admiralty (which includes Martial Law).

Common Law is the Law of the Land, which includes the Organic Law of this Country—- The Declaration of Independence, The Articles of Confederation, The Constitutions (1787) and (1789- 1791), plus the Public Law, the United States Statutes-at-Large.

This is all “Land Law” affecting “Land Assets”, which includes people, livestock, houses, barns, etc., etc.,

And this is why Amendment VII specifically requires Common Law regarding all important decisions regarding people and their property interests.

Our Common Law Courts came here with the first Colonists and have continued to function for over 400 years despite all efforts of the Bar Associations to get rid of them.

That’s because Bar Members can’t work in Common Law Courts in America—- it is forbidden by our Constitution because Bar Members hold a title from a foreign government (“Esquire” from Britain—-) and no such conflict of interest is allowed.

Therefore, no Common Law Judges, such as myself, are Bar Members.

We don’t appear as Bar Members and we don’t appear as members of the Administrative or Maritime/Admiralty Courts as a result.

And here is a big, fat “Duh!” for all those who have been rampaging around “exposing” what they don’t know, and claiming to “know for certain” that I am a “fake” and listening to Bar Association Members who have an ax to grind because they are in competition with the Common Law Courts actually required by our Constitution.

The same Bar Association Members who have been acting in treasonous disregard of the Organic Law of this country and who are about to get served their cajones on toast, with or without croutons, have been trying to avoid the facts for decades, but the persistent Truth has a way of dispelling oceans of Shinola.

Read Amendment VII and realize that according to Thompkins v. Erie Railroad, there is no Federal “General Common Law” which means the ONLY form of “common law” in the Federale’s kit-bag is Martial Common Law, which they have been applying improperly to us “non-resident aliens” and “non-combatant civilians” and using as a means to usurp jurisdiction owed to the landlords.

Thank you, very much. Applause and donations are due to me, but especially to John Trowbridge today.

All the Gurus who think I am kidding are about to not only get the smiles wiped from their faces, but their butts relocated to their occipital domes.

And all you Bar Members out there—- better start gathering around burn barrels in the publicsquares—- bring your Bar Cards.


For the Boyz in the Ba-El Hood:

This goes out to Larry Becraft who has chosen the unfortunate group name “Kill the Gurus” while he continues to present himself as such, for Dougie-You-Know-Who-You-Are-But-It-Does-Not-Matter, and Bob Hurt (is that your real name?) and all the other Alphonses out there who want to “expose” me as a “fake” and “denounce” me, blah-blah-blah…..

Hey, fellas, it’s part of my mission to teach people to think for themselves.

1. If I am a “fake” and don’t know what I am talking about, how is it that nobody has tried to arrest me for impersonating a Judge after three years?

2. Maybe it is the same reason I haven’t paid “income taxes” for twenty years and all of you have?

Mark Twain was right— it would be easier to defraud you than to show you how you’ve been


Remember ALL GOVERNMENT LAW IS Written Law, Government cannot administer English Common Law as it is the Unwritten Law.