By Peter A. Kirby

Dr. Marvin Herndon and Dr. Mark Whiteside join The Abstract for an enlightening 1-hour discussion of today’s ongoing and incredibly destructive chemtrail spraying operations. They are talking their new book now available on Amazon titled Chemtrails Are Not Contrails: The Face of Evil. These career scientists go into detail about how the coal fly ash routinely sprayed over our planet is the root cause of so much death and destruction. The scientific evidence is legion, but it is summarily ignored by the scientific establishment, the mainstream media and our loving government. This is because we are living in a fundamentally corrupt society that chooses to ridicule anyone who simply states the obvious. Thankfully we have men like Herndon and Whiteside who will continue to provide the undeniable evidence. Make this interview go viral.

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Peter A. Kirby is a San Rafael, CA researcher, author, and activist.