Blinking Sun | Strange Phenomena Being Reported Globally

Consider this: A person is out walking, they see the sun flickering, pulsating or blinking. They take out their camera phone and take a video of the strange phenomenon. They show it to friends and then post it on the internet. People then say “it was the camera stupid!”. What?!? It was seen by the person with their own eyes BEFORE they recorded it!

This has been going on for many years and was recorded in past history, way before cameras were invented. This is real, the sun goes through all kinds of unpredictable spasms and pulsating at times. The entire magnetic part of the sun “polar flips” apx. every 11 years. The north and south magnetic poles actually switch places within seconds.

I have seen this happen in a video when scientists recorded it in process, and it scared the hell out of me! The entire surface of the sun went through a spasm or convulsion that involved the entire surface of the sun in a matter of a couple seconds.
When that happens or any other solar spasms occur, what do you think that does to solar eruptions and the possibility of solar mass ejections?
We get hit by a variety of radiation filled solar eruptions on a daily basis. But most of them are too small to be noticed or they are blocked by our own magnetic shield and the ozone layer. But in times past we have been hit by huge solar flares that knocked out the telegraph lines and set the poles on fire. That was called the Carrington event.

I wrote this to a friend recently: “We have two instances now, once in the Midwest in the USA, and now in India where over 50,000 cattle were instantly killed by unknown causes. But I figured out it was a combination of the cattle being given Covid flu shots and then being exposed to a solar flare that caused their weakened bodies to die instantly.
If the sun is going through a phase of pulsating and sending out solar flares, it is possible huge numbers of people could be hit by this and get very sick or die from the radiation.”

A pulsating, blinking sun does matter. Don’t ignore it or dismiss it and think it isn’t happening. It has happened before and can happen again. And a solar flare can break through a weakened ozone layer and hit our bodies with dangerous radiation.

Why hasn’t this been told to us by our leaders or scientists? Because they don’t want you to know. They don’t want the masses to panic. It is up to us to protect ourselves.
In addition to that, they never told us that many of the past global plagues happened during a solar event that weakened the immune system of the people. When we put all the pieces together we see another reality that we can use to save our lives. GE