Published on Feb 4, 2017

If I don’t motivate you to start paying ‘more attention’ by this ten minute video, then I don’t know how else to do it. For more information on the history of, click here:… What if? That is all which is asked for you to ponder. Tales of lizard people, shape shifting dragons, Iguana people, reptilians and more, which go back into the centuries and ‘not just last week, year or century. Why the need for such an out of control mass of populaces? Perhaps the answer lay in this video. Keep your eyes open. A hidden text speaks of entities we cannot see that influence our behaviors for wants of their own. Is it Satanic? What if? Yes, on this matter, I could have made the video much longer, but I feel a synopsis the likes of this ‘is enough’ to make you realize knowledge opens the third eye.
Listen closely, watch closer..for the safety of all.
Made for content, knowledge, intrigue for more research, debate, and awareness.
I thank you, very much, for watching and listening with an open mind.

Dan Flynn