By Brandon Turbeville

A new bill being proposed by a Nevada state senator is drawing attention not only from Nevada citizens but from people across the country.

This is because Senate Bill 109 proposed by Senator Becky Harris is seen by many as a preemptive measure against the obvious push to implant humans with microchips that is marching forward in virtually every country on the face of the earth.

Harris says the inspiration for the bill came from one of her constituents and told the Senate Judiciary Committee “as I began to look into the issue, I was surprised with the merit that I believe the issue warrants.” Her legislation would prevent RFID chips or any other technology that stores personal data or can be used to track an individual from being implanted in human beings without their consent.

It would also make mandatory microchipping a Class C felony.

“This is a completely new issue,” Harris stated. “I just want a safety measure in place until we better understand the technology and the reasoning behind people’s desire to require implanting chips.”

Similar legislation is already in place in Wisconsin, Oklahoma, California and North Dakota. Despite the fact that there was no opposition to the legislation in Committee, there has been no further action taken so far in regards to its passage.

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Predictably, some are attempting to malign Harris’ bill ironically as government overreach as the Washoe County Deputy Public Defender attempted to do in his own statement.

Deputy P.A. Sullivan tried to present Harris’ bill as something that would prevent protection of Alzheimer’s patients as well as inhibit radiologists from doing their jobs despite the fact that they have done those jobs just fine long before microchipping was an issue.

But implanting people such as Alzheimer’s patients is part of the reason many are so concerned about microchipping in the first place. Does an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, for instance, suddenly remove one’s protections under the Bill of Rights?

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The fact that employers are now increasingly pushing to have their employees chipped is also becoming a concern. How long will it be before governments begin demanding that citizens become chipped for ID purposes. While this scenario is probably not far off, we are certain that it will begin with Alzheimer’s patients, sex offenders, and prisoners before it expands to other “at risk” populations and eventually to everyone else.

Many of us, however, simply do not feel comfortable with forced or coerced microchipping by the likes of narcissistic and authoritarian medical doctors, Ebenezer Scrooge or government officials. In fact, if microchipping is inevitable, one could scarcely think of three groups of more dangerous people to be in control of the process.

That being said, we wish Harris’ bill the best of luck and encourage every state in the Union as well as the Federal Government to pass a similar and perhaps even tougher version.

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