Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was challenged today to a public debate by the man who has led the movement to expose and prosecute Genocide in Canada.

Kevin Annett, who is a candidate for the Republican Party of Kanata in the upcoming federal election, issued the challenge today in an Open Letter and a public broadcast to Trudeau. (see letter at, ITCCS Updates, and youtube link)

In his Letter, Annett invited Trudeau to debate him on Monday, September 9 in Vancouver, just prior to the commencement of an International War Crimes Tribunal into Genocide in Canada to which Trudeau has been summoned to appear along with twenty other officials accused of complicity in genocide. Annett is also serving as an adviser to this inquiry, known as The International Tribunal for the Disappeared of Canada (ITDC).

The topic of the Vancouver debate on September 9 will be “How must Canada and its churches be prosecuted and punished for their proven crime of Genocide?”.

The Open Letter and invitation from Kevin Annett reads in part,

“Mr. Trudeau, the law and the Canadian people require that you answer these charges in both the legally established Tribunal of September 16 and in free and open public debate, lest you appear to be evading justice and colluding in criminality. It is therefore incumbent on you to appear in both of these forums, especially during the time when you will be asking for a mandate from the electorate to continue in public office.”

On June 4, Trudeau stated publicly that genocide has occurred in Canada. Under the United Nations Conventions on the Crime of Genocide and on Transnational Criminal Organizations, and the International Criminal Court statutes, an admitted or proven genocidal nation must be “prosecuted and punished” by Convention member-states and by citizens of that nation.

On June 7 and again on July 9, the International Tribunal for the Disappeared of Canada (ITDC) wrote to Trudeau requesting to meet with him to discuss his alleged complicity in Genocide in Canada and his need to comply with the requirements of International Law. Trudeau has not replied to either communication.

The ITDC will be sponsoring both the September 9 debate and the September 16 Tribunal proceedings under the auspices of International Law and in the company of international human rights observers. The Republican Party of Kanata has endorsed the ITDC and is providing observers and security at these events.

For more information contact the ITDC at [email protected], the Republican Party of Kanata at [email protected] and Kevin Annett at [email protected] .

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A Joint Communique issued on July 31, 2019 by the International Tribunal for the Disappeared of Canada (ITDC)
and the Republican Party of Kanata.