OSLO, NORWAY 07 November 2014 –Norway forfeit all lands, all resources and use thereof, as a consequence of their breach of fiduciary responsibility to the heirs of the lands. Their non-performance/ non-compliance of duties as a United Nations Charter Member to ensure full protection; economic protection, food, shelter, dignity and the guarantee against all forms of violence has been breached.

Norway has committed and participated in all acts defined as genocide in relation to the original people of this region. This return of lands and its resources must be performed, and is long overdue. The behaviors of those in position to address such matters are not conducive to sustaining soul-bearing life.

Upon arriving in Norway, I had afforded myself with all the necessities to sustain life; shelter, newly purchased clothing particular for this region, computer and religious materials. Systematically each of those items was taken away from me.

Today, November 7th, marks my 10 year anniversary as a Chan Buddhist. Items that were given to me by my now deceased teacher were recently stolen so I cannot mark this occasion as I would like to.

It has been shown and documented the Norwegians are not the original land holders, but are Germans who had trade agreements within the region. They nullified those agreements once they committed genocide and deprived life to the heirs, and their progeny.

On November 1, 2014 Postliminium was formally announced. This states in part:

The principle of postliminium, as a part of public international law, is a specific version of the maxim ex injuria jus non oritur, providing for the invalidity of all illegitimate acts that an occupant may have performed on a given territory after its recapture by the legitimate sovereign.

Postliminium derives from Roman law, and because of that it is largely viewed as a historical concept today; however that does not mean it cease to exist. This proclamation is to inform all nations and all people of its existence and use. This is largely why it was necessary to remove their false construct of laws, courts, and justice; as it is practiced solely in theory, and not in fact. It has since been replaced with Divine Law, the Law of Ma’at, which is very real and factual.

The lands and all resources formerly thought of as Norway has been re-established as the Empire (Lands) of the Gods, and for soul-bearing beings, in the Northern Lands.

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