Posted on October 3, 2016 by David Robinson

Compiled on the early morning of 3 Oct. 2016 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, Author, “Twenty Two Faces,”, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery

A. Situation Report as of 12 am EST Oct. 2 2016: “God’s Providence” – SITREP – 00:00 EDT – Sunday – October 2, 2016

1. At midnight on Oct. 2 2016 in mainland China the PROC agreed to allow the Chinese Yuan/Renminbi to be traded as an international currency for the first time in its history going back to its founding in 1948. This specific day and time was selected to sync the GCR/RV with the first day of the New Year (Hebrew – 5776; Islamic – 1438) of the Julianne calendar’s Oct 1, 2016 fiscal year start in the Western world.

2. On Sunday Oct. 2, 2016 redemption deposits will be post-dated to Mon. Oct. 3, 2016 and go towards funding the new US Republic government (by Chinese Elder design).

3. At noon EST Oct. 1, 2016 TRNs become live and legally fall under the control of the Republic Treasury for the first time.

4. Oct. 2, 2016 (fiscal year 2017) was the agreed upon transfer date of control by which all debts were both reconciled and eliminated in 2016 accounting. New books + new money + new values + new year = new era for humanity.

B. Bank bailouts as of Oct. 1 2016: Gary Larrabee – EU Banking Mayhem, One Bank at a Time The European banking system was reported to be in a mayhem.

C. Oct. 2 2016 Intel Report as of 12 noon EST: “Chipping Away” – Intel SITREP – 12:00 EDT – Sunday – October 2, 2016

1. On Saturday Oct. 1 2016 all final administrative holds were taken off of all first basket and super-sovereign SDR currencies.

2. Sovereign Rates were known internally by redemption center bankers, but they were not on the bank screen. So, you must ask for them.

3. There was a very high level of security (all be it invisible to most) in skies (drones, helicopters, spy planes), on the ground (special forces), in transportation hubs (national guard), and at all of the 7,000 off-site redemption locations (a combination of local police, Republic military, FBI and intelligence agency).

D. Oct. 2 2016 Anon:

1. India ratified the Paris agreement on Oct. 2.

2. Neil Keenan commented on Facebook: “I know for a fact that it is supposed to be the week of the 3rd, not necessarily the 3rd, and they still need another signature on the agreement. Chinese signed yesterday Oct. 1. This is not over with yet and the Family has not really approved the use of their assets, seeing they have been illegally used for the past 100 years or more. Putin is demanding a few things as well and rightfully so. Let’s face it, we allowed our so-called government to screw us for a long time.”

E. Gary Larabee Report: Gary Larrabee – Appointments within 45 min. when you Call the 800#’s

1. When you call the 800 number, they can make your appointment within 45 min. or you could be scheduled for an apt. 2-6 days out.

2. Zim redemptions will be required to sign an eight-page Non-Disclosure Agreement.

3. The longer the payout period you agree to, the higher the rate of your exchange, plus the higher the interest rate you could get on money you leave at the bank.

4. If the RV doesn’t happen by Mon the US government will have to shut down because the Federal Reserve closed Sept. 30 and the Congressional budget was calculated based on the new US gold backed currency.

5. Zim rates without the zeros removed were very high. You should take the highest rate you can handle so you can fund not only your own Humanitarian project but various other Humanitarian Projects as well. You are to direct where your money goes.

6. You will be asked what rate you want. Rates as high as $3,500 have been given out in the US.

7. Dunford’s team was cleaning out Cabal people. Some have been taken out, others are scheduled.

8. All sovereign country’s debts have been paid out according to signed treaties.

F. Anon: Today was the accumulation of the completion of several cycles:

1. Sept. 30 – was the end of Fiscal Year 2016, the end of the Cabal Rein, the implosion of German Banks, and the end of the Old Books. It was the Black Moon (2nd New Month in one month).

2. Oct. 1 – was the new Global Fiscal Year 2017, the new IMF basket of global currencies with China’s Yuan, the new Basel III Asset Backed Banks, all National Sovereign Debts were forgiven, the New Books started. It was National Golden Week in China. The New Republic of the United States began. Russia is now head of the UN Security Council, with a new Secretary-General to be elected soon.

3. Oct. 2 – India Ratified the Paris Agreement on Gandhi’s Birthday, activating the Global Gold Standard. It was the Islamic New Year and the Jewish New Year.

4. Oct. 3 – First Business Day all opened under the New System.

G. On Oct. 2 2016 WSOMN AdminBill said: This looks to be a very good week. The Chinese continue to push this to a conclusion while the US continues to stall, IMO. The stalling cannot be continued much longer as most banks and economies are on the brink of collapse. With the RV/GCR many things will change that will negatively affect the value of the US dollar, while at the same time increase the value of other currencies. The stall will not continue. I’m looking for good things to happen very soon. We know the banks are ready elsewhere and in the US.

H. On Your Exchange:

1. During the redemption, you will be evaluated for how ready you are to handle a Sovereign negotiated rate, and on what things you will do to help humanity and job creation with the money.

2. You will also probably be asked what rate you want.

3. The longer the structured payout that you agree to, the higher the redemption rate and quarterly interest rate you can get. The highest rates go with the 50-year payout.

4. You will be scheduled for appointments in about 2 to 6 days after you call the 800 number. No higher sovereign rates will be given after the first 6 days.

5. The RV will happen this weekend. It has to go because according to treaty, no countries accept the federal reserve note anymore, and the budget passed by Congress has to be funded by the US Republic treasury US notes (USN). If the RV doesn’t happen by Monday, the entire US government must shut down. There are also international reasons why it must happen.

6. All debts are now paid off according to treaties. This included country to country sovereign debts, mortgages, student loans, credit card bills, etc. One caller who has been daily hounded by multiple debt collectors without let-up, called to report that for the first time in over a month he did not get even one call.

I. On Oct. 2 2016 ZAP reported: We are preparing for a very large week and getting our infrastructure in place once the first funds starting hitting us on Wed.

J. Situation Report as of 2 am EST Oct. 3 2016:

1. As of 2 am EST on Mon. Oct 3 private appointments scheduled earlier in the week for late last night Sun evening Oct. 2, 2016 were converting at this hour. The RV was happening with accessibility to liquid funds inside the US.

2. ZIM holders only were getting the first appointments. The first wave of redeemers included paymasters, sub-groups leaders and select clients in Reno.

3. Pre-selected American citizens including Bond-holders were getting paid as early as Sat. night just after midnight on Oct. 2 2016.

4. Clients were flowing through redemption centers while the masses were still being made to wait, though the volume of those being processed was drastically increasing.
Clearly, there was a “restricted release” strategy in play. The much anticipated RV first basket was being carefully managed and introducing capital into the money supply very slowly versus a fire-hose mentality.

5. A 6.2 day conversion timeline started sometime Mon. Oct. 3 to process all levels of private redeemers through Sun. Oct. 9 that would allow for a Mon. Oct. 10 public release start date.

6. The Chinese love doing major financial things on repeating days such as 8/8, 9/9, 10/10… so maybe all was not lost for later this morning.

7. Perhaps they were trying to ramp up the CIPS system in phases of volumes or maybe they were waiting till the absolute dead of night on the west coast which was also complete darkness in Hawaii and Alaska for safety?

8. Top Asian banking and White Hat Republic government sources say that Oct 3, 2016 was the scheduled transition day for the new management of the global financial system.

9. Christine LeGarde signed off on behalf of the cabal Sun. Oct. 2 at noon.

10. They’ve arrested or elongated over 500 cabal actors this week–the worst of the worst. Has anyone seen Jack Lew lately?

11. Four digit ZIM sovereign rates are very much real with regards to international humanitarian projects that sincerely service humanity’s most difficult 3rd world dilemmas (food, water, shelter, health, micro-finance, etc.).

12. What we don’t know tonight is the sequence of events to this greater good master plan roll out as it relates to minute by minute timing. That said, we do know better than most and seem to finally have our arms fully around the general RV roll out process. Little victories while we wait right:) Not much longer folks. Hang in there.


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