DR RIMA exposes the truth about the effects of Radiation coming from Fukushima!


US policy to hide US radiation levels – BEFORE AND AFTER Fukushima – would make Chairman Mao, Joseph Stalin and Joseph Goebbels proud Champions of public ignorance and manipulating populations through propaganda, they would applaud the government’s lies about the deadly radiation levels already poisoning you. While the US and its agencies continue to intone the “No Harm To Human Health” lie, as does the government of Japan, the truth is very different indeed. The bald-faced lies are offered to protect the interests of, in this case, the Nuclear Mafia and its political cronies. Because, simply put, if you knew what the radiation dangers you are living in really were, you and I, together, could bring about the shut-down of every nuclear power station in the US.

So the government agencies work together with the uninsurable and unspeakably deadly nuclear industry to convince you that your cancer, your child’s heart disease or diabetes, your husband’s leukemia, your wife’s infertility, are unrelated to the hidden fact that you have been living in an area so contaminated by your local nuclear power station that mandatory population relocation – evacuation – was required years ago. But never mentioned.

It makes no difference to the crony capitalists and their political shills, of course, what the cost is to the people they control – and whose lives they destroy.

Recently I decided to investigate the radiation levels of various areas in the US were BEFORE Fukushima, given that there are 296 publicly acknowledged civilian, educational and military nuclear reactors in the US. All of them can, and do, emit radiation. Often.

And, with each release, we hear that there is “No Harm to Human Health”, the same encouraging chant that Fukushima residents, indeed, the people of Japan, are hearing.

What I discovered shocked me, and will, I am afraid, shock you, too. I fervently hope that it shocks you enough to take action to end the madness of nuclear power once and for all.

Gamma radiation packs a severe biological wallop with high energy packets slamming into DNA, membranes and other structures in your body. Sometimes, of course, the energy just passes right through you, but the effects of these biological collisions include damage to the immune and every other system in the body, inducing heart disease, diabetes, birth defects, neurological disorders, infertility, sterility, and much, much more.

According to the EPA, when the amount of gamma radiation reaches 272 Counts Per Minute (CPM), populations should be evacuated from the locations with this level of radiation.[fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=”yes” overflow=”visible”][fusion_builder_row][fusion_builder_column type=”1_1″ background_position=”left top” background_color=”” border_size=”” border_color=”” border_style=”solid” spacing=”yes” background_image=”” background_repeat=”no-repeat” padding=”” margin_top=”0px” margin_bottom=”0px” class=”” id=”” animation_type=”” animation_speed=”0.3″ animation_direction=”left” hide_on_mobile=”no” center_content=”no” min_height=”none”][1]





When I checked the EPA’s data for the last four years available at www.NETC.com, I found the first of two astonishing, and deeply disturbing, realities.


Many areas, including densely populated ones, in the United States have been above EPA evacuation levels FOR ALL OR MOST OF THE LAST 4 YEARS. No mention of this has been made to the public. None.


4 Years of Evacuation Levels Hidden and Denied


The disaster at Fukushima Daiichi, whatever its cause, took place on March 11, 2011. Yet for the 4 years since June 2010, the CPM has exceeded the EPA evacuation level in multiple locations including:


Miami FL, near Turkey Point Nuclear Generating Station, where CPM has exceeded 272 for virtually all of that time and exceeded 400 CPM for half of it:


Note that I have added the EPA’s population evacuation level of 272 CPM to this and following gamma radiation charts. In all cases, the data set includes the 4 years prior to mid-June, 2014.

Hartford CT, near Haddam Neck Nuclear Power Station, where evacuation conditions have been consistently met for the last 4 years:



South Valley NM, near a host of nuclear test and storage sites:


Each of these cities has been consistently exposed to levels of gamma radiation which, according to the EPA, should signal massive relocation ON FIRST EXPOSURE, with evacuation to take place when exposure reaches 25% of that initial level thereafter should evacuation not yet have taken place.

Every Harm To Human Health

Despite these data – WHICH PREDATE FUKUSHIMA – the EPA, the Nuclear Regulatory Agency, the FDA and every other State and Federal agency tasked with public health and safety has continued to deceptively intone, precisely as both TEPCO and the Japanese government continue to chant, the mindless, mendacious mantra of “No harm to human health!” In reality, however, there is every harm to human health.

I have identified the medical condition which results from this radioactive toxic assault as “Genome Disruption Syndrome” or “GDS”. You can learn more about that, and receive my free eBook on GDS here: http://www.GDS-Therapy.com.

The policy of hiding radiological contamination from the public, despite the damage it brings them and their loved ones, is nothing new. There is no way to sweeten this, however. This is quite literally, a genocidal decision.

It is clear who benefits, and it is equally clear who pays the price.

But as bad as this irresponsible policy choice is, the story of fraud, deceit and downright lies gets even worse.

Nuclear radiation is identified by the type of energy emission which the nucleus releases in its effort to go from an unstable (i.e., radioactive) state to a stable (i.e., non-radioactive) one.

One of the types of nuclear radiation emissions is the beta particle. Beta radiation has less energy than gamma radiation, but is nonetheless highly destructive to DNA, membranes and other structures. Exposure to various beta emitters is highly correlated with cancer in whatever organ the emitter lodges. Strontium 90, for example, accumulates in bone, iodine 131 accumulates in thyroid, breast, prostate and glandular tissues. Their presence trigger genetic and other changes. The result is cancer.

The story of shocking and shameful deceit continues with the EPA’s Beta radiation data for the same 4 year period from June 2010 to June 2014.

Look at the beta radiation data for Fresno CA, a city which has remained above the EPA evacuation level for at least the last 4 years:



You will notice that the data drops out in December, 2011 and then resumes in about 15 months. THE PERIOD IMMEDIATELY BEFORE, DURING AND FOR A PROLONGED PERIOD AFTER FUKUSHIMA HAVE NO DATA AVAILABLE WHATSOEVER.

Let’s look at the data for Hartford CT, anther city well above the EPA’s evacuation level for the last 4 years:



Once again, the beta emissions data is missing for the same period of time preceding, surrounding and following the Fukushima disaster.

The pattern is the same for other cities and areas which exceed the EPA 272 CPM (which equates to 20mSv/year) levels.

But now let’s consider some areas which, although very heavily bombarded with gamma radiation, did not reach or exceed the EPA’s evacuation levels for most or all of the past 4 years.

For example, Bangor ME, near no identified nuclear facility showed the following gamma radiation exposures, according to the EPA’s own data:



Shockingly, Bangor’s beta radiation data are quite different from the charts of areas above 272 CPM:



The data appear to be intact and there is no drop-out period noted above from areas exceeding evacuation-level exposure.

Let’s look at some other non-evacuation critical areas and check the beta information against that of evacuation critical areas.

For example, Lincoln NE, close to Hallam, Ft. Calhoun and Cooper Nuclear Power Stations, shows the following gamma exposure levels for the last 4 years:



Although these gamma radiation levels are very high in terms of health hazards, they are not mostly above the EPA’s limit.

The Lincoln NE beta chart for the same period has apparently not been tampered with:



It is vitally important to note that even those areas not above the EPA’s evacuation level of 272 CPM (equivalent to 20mSV/year initial exposure followed by subsequent exposure of 68 CPM, equivalent to 5mSV/year) are still frighteningly high in their gamma radiation levels.

Roar of Silence

In that context, we must ask where the warnings and protective information has been from local, State, Federal and International sources? The answer is a resounding roar of silence. No warnings, no public health advisories about what to eat or avoid, whether to avoid rain or not, what nutrients to take to quench emissions or repair DNA damage have been forthcoming.

Nothing. Nada. Nil.

Complete and total silence from those agencies, and agents, charged with protection of our present and future health.

Instead, we get the continuing ostinato of the lie: “No Harm to Human Health!”

AND we get data selectively tampered with to mask the contribution played by Fukushima to the escalating disaster which began long before Fukushima’s radiation releases of holocaust proportions.

You have been lied to overtly and covertly by the alleged Powers That Be about the dimensions of your community’s exposure to various deadly radiation exposures that continues to threaten your health today and tomorrow. It sadly goes without saying that the health – and even the existence – of your offspring for untold generations to come is part of the cost of this deceit and deteriorated environment.

What Can I Do About It?

Plenty. First of all, you can support, and help to implement citizen measurements of high quality and reliability to make sure that the real information about the real risk is quickly, easily and openly available. This important program can help to protect us from the irresponsible, and downright dishonest, public sector which is controlled tightly by the private, corporate nuclear sector. With good information we can make good decisions. Without it, we have no options.

For more information on this program, visit www.DrRimaTruthReports.com and join the Health Freedom eMail List The Newsletter you will receive will keep you abreast of this developing program spearheaded by measurement specialist Joe Jesson and how you can be a part of it.

Second, you can visit http://TinyURL.com/FukushimaFire and download two complementary ebooks. The first, by Natural Solutions Foundation President Maj. Gen. Albert N. Stubblebine III (US Army, Ret.) has an appendix that could save your life, where I list radio-protective nutrients and links to find them. You can also visit a website on that topic, http://TinyURL.com/radprotect, where I have videos and other information on protection from radiation.

The second of these two books is my in-depth presentation of the information in this article. You will want to pass the link along to everyone you can reach.

Push Back Against Nuclear Power

Your third point of power is through massive popular push back. Visit http://TinyURL.com/FukushimaHope to demand that Japan confront the reality of nuclear madness, engage in what our ally, former Ambassador M. Murata (the “Conscience of Fukushima”) calls “honorable retreat” from the 2020 Olympics, which will be unsafe for all attendees AND demand an end to nuclear power in any form. The uninsurable risks of nuclear power are simply too great to be allowed to continue.

You have heard the wise counsel of Helen Caldicott, MS, who says that there is no safe dose of radiation.

She is correct, although humans do have some limited capacity to repair membrane and DNA damage. This capacity, however, is easily exceeded, as the unfolding – and largely hidden – tragedy of Fukushima’s children is revealing.

By May 15, 2012, doctors in Fukushima observed that 66% of children under 12 had diabetes. Because of laws criminalizing negative observations about nuclear energy, they “suspected” that “the causes are lack of exercise and stress.”

Ionizing radiation is well known to cause diabetes through destruction of the rapidly metabolizing cells in the pancreas that produce insulin. What are the rates today, more than a year later? No one knows, but we must assume that they are far higher.

Thyroid cancer rates (an early indicator of radiation damage) in Fukushima children have skyrockets by 40 times (120 childhood cancers in 375,000 young people where only 3 would be expected), an incredible 48% of these 375,000 children have precancerous thyroid cysts and nodules.[2]

Yet the Japanese government insists that not one human has been harmed by radiation!

We All Live In Fukushima

Whether nuclear radiation is accidentally genocidal or intentionally so is not the point at this moment. The fact is that radiation releases are genocidal.

Radiation leaks out into the environment. We are all living in Fukushima as wind and water, international travel, foods and goods bring the contamination that is circling the globe into our bodies, our homes and our genes.

Japan’s Fukushima must not be allowed to maim and kill us. Our local Fukushimas must be allowed to maim and kill us, either.

There are local Fukushimas all over the US releasing (or about to release) enormous amounts of radiation on a grand scale. But ignoring and denying the aging US nuclear infrastructure, with continual, dangerous nuclear releases is a reality which is pushing our radiation susceptibility and exposure levels up into the stratosphere.

Our health, fertility and well-being are collapsing. General Bert warned, shortly after the triple disaster of earthquake, tsunami and explosions wrecked the Fukushima Daiichi facility, of an escalating threat to the entire Northern Hemisphere. Sadly, tragically, he was right.

That threat is becoming more obvious every day.

I know you are concerned. You cannot be conscious and NOT be concerned. But being concerned is not enough. Concern will not stop the nuclear industry and solve the problem.

Well targeted, meaningful activism can.

Become an active advocate of freedom, spread the word and keep saying “No Nukes!” in every possible way.

Nuclear power, along with the other “Genome Disrupting” technologies about which we have been warning the international community for a decade and more, pose an imminent and existential threat to all you hold dear.

What will you do?

Natural Solutions Foundation is there with the information you need. I cannot urge you strongly enough to join us today for an end to the life-threatening lies by taking action at www.TinyURL.com/FukushimaHope.

Radiation and Public Health Project.

[1] www.epa.gov/radiatio/docs/er/pag-manual-interim-public-comment-4-2-2013.pdf

[2] http://www.opednews.com/articles/Fukushima-s-Children-are-D-by-Harvey-Wasserman-Chernobyl_Children_Fukushima_Health-Radiation-Sickness-Poison-140614-288.html

Rima E. Laibow, MD, who is licensed to practice medicine in 3 states, has practiced drug free medicine and psychiatry for nearly 45 years. She is the Medical Director of the Natural Solutions Foundation, www.DrRimaTruthReports.com, the world’s largest Health Freedom organization. Her email is [email protected].