sheep-wolf-memeis making another trip to the great white north and will be teaching common law workshop in B.C., June 21-22, 2014 in (get this) in Winlaw B.C. (is that name JUST coincidence, win law – get it!).

I’m working with a number of people who are actively using administrative complaints and common law claims in three provinces so far (in combination, which is explained in the course H4J: your Complaint IS Their Restraint). A number are in process and before the courts real soon. Results so far… interesting.

Karl made an across Canada tour just a couple of months ago with mixed feedback but everyone is interested in this weird idea of… common law. Gee whiz kids, you mean the foundation of law in Canada and the provinces (except Quebec)?

If you’re new to the idea of common law being a real thing that still operates here, you should check out Hope For Justice: Do Common Law Courts Exist? where an ACTUAL common law trial and all the pre-trial shenanigans are covered in step-by-step detail.

Many folks have trouble following Karl’s teaching and some of the teaching seems contradictory at times. Well I think so to.

When I spoke with Karl, I was not comforted by some of his responses, but the vast majority I DO agree with and his first hand experience is valuable. Some of the contradictions are due to venue distinctions (ie. one tactic use here, but not there), others I’m not so sure.

One day I’ll get around to doing a webinar series going over all that I’ve compiled from my own experiences, research and deciphering Karl’s material (how many 4-5 hour Talkshoe ramblefests have you sat through to get the couple of golden nuggets?). So far,much of my take on common law is laid out in the 3 Hope For Justice courses already.

Since first hand experience is the best… and first hand stories from the one doing it is second best… you might want to check out Karl’s material. I’m excited that common law is finally being taken seriously and kick-ass-Karl is bringing the attitude and the action to the conversation. Good news.

Check out all the details here (cool website) :

LOCATION: Winlaw, B.C. – Lemon Creek Lodge & campground, June 21-22, 2014

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