by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

I recently published a commentary on the ministry of Jeremiah, a prophet in the 6th Century B.C. who was called by God to warn people in the capital city of the Jewish Empire, Jerusalem, of pending judgement and disaster that God was about to unleash in judgment against them.

I wrote how the moral decay of the Jewish Empire mirrored the moral decay of the United States today, and that if anything, the United States is probably more evil today than the Jewish Empire that was completely destroyed in 586 B.C. See:

What Happens When a Holy and Righteous God Gets Angry? Lessons from History and the Prophet Jeremiah

Jeremiah was referred to as the “weeping prophet,” because the visions of the future that awaited his country and his people were so horrible, it almost drove him mad.

Everyone abandoned him, including family members, and it almost cost him his life to deliver the message that God had given him to bring to the rulers and population of his country, because it was not a message of hope that they wanted to hear, but a message of doom, where a significant majority of the population were about to die horrible deaths.

And while Jeremiah prophesied from the Jewish capital of Jerusalem, there were many people who had already been captured and taken away into captivity in Babylon, including the then-king of Israel, and members of the royal family who were no longer living in Jerusalem.

One of those people was a priest named Ezekiel, who like Jeremiah was called by God to warn his people that judgement was imminent, and that there was no “returning to normal” as so many false prophets who were living in Babylon were predicting, giving false hope to the people living in captivity that soon they would be able to return home and to their former way of life.

Ezekiel was called by God to be a “watchman,” because he knew the truth, and God made it clear that if he did not tell the truth, even in the face of hostile opposition, that when judgment came and many people died horrible deaths, that their blood would also be on Ezekiel’s hands if he shrank back in fear and failed to warn the people.

Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel; so hear the word I speak and give them warning from me.

When I say to a wicked man, ‘You will surely die,’ and you do not warn him or speak out to dissuade him from his evil ways in order to save his life, that wicked man will die for his sin, and I will hold you accountable for his blood.

But if you do warn the wicked man and he does not turn from his wickedness or from his evil ways, he will die for his sin; but you will have saved yourself.

Again, when a righteous man turns from his righteousness and does evil, and I put a stumbling block before him, he will die.

Since you did not warn him, he will die for his sin. The righteous things he did will not be remembered, and I will hold you accountable for his blood.

But if you do warn the righteous man not to sin and he does not sin, he will surely live because he took warning, and you will have saved yourself. (Ezekiel 3:17-21)

Is God calling you to be a watchman today?

I purposely chose an image of a woman for this article, because even though the word “watchman” used here is masculine, there most certainly were women prophets during this time also.

But it appears that most of them failed to carry out their duties to warn of the impending disaster that was awaiting their people, and instead trusted in their “magic charms” and “practiced divination” which today would be “medicines and vaccines.”

God had some very harsh words for these women who were supposed to be representing him and warning the people.

Now, son of man, set your face against the daughters of your people who prophesy out of their own imagination. Prophesy against them and say, ‘This is what the Sovereign LORD says: Woe to the women who sew magic charms on all their wrists and make veils of various lengths for their heads in order to ensnare people.

Will you ensnare the lives of my people but preserve your own? You have profaned me among my people for a few handfuls of barley and scraps of bread. By lying to my people, who listen to lies, you have killed those who should not have died and have spared those who should not live.”

Therefore this is what the Sovereign LORD says: “I am against your magic charms with which you ensnare people like birds and I will tear them from your arms; I will set free the people that you ensnare like birds.

I will tear off your veils and save my people from your hands, and they will no longer fall prey to your power.

Then you will know that I am the LORD. Because you disheartened the righteous with your lies, when I had brought them no grief, and because you encouraged the wicked not to turn from their evil ways and so save their lives, therefore you will no longer see false visions or practice divination.

I will save my people from your hands. And then you will know that I am the LORD.” (Ezekiel 13:17-23)

God brought judgment against his people in Jerusalem for “idolatry.” People looked to their “idols” for things like healing, fertility, and wealth. It included witchcraft, sorcery, and magic potions.

These sins in the New Testament portion of the Bible are often used with the Greek word pharmakeia, the same word group we would use for medicines, drugs, and “doctors.”

These are idols of modern-day culture, because people look to these idols for the same reasons: health, fertility, and wealth – all things that God wants to lovingly supply to his children himself, instead of them looking to the Luciferian Globalists to supply them.

Ezekiel was called by God to be a “watchman” and warn the people about what was coming, just as Jeremiah did who was living back in Jerusalem where this was all going to take place.

The end! The end has come upon the four corners of the land. The end is now upon you and I will unleash my anger against you.

I will judge you according to your conduct and repay you for all your detestable practices. I will not look on you with pity or spare you; I will surely repay you for your conduct and the detestable practices among you.

This is what the Sovereign LORD says: Disaster! An unheard-of disaster is coming. The end has come! The end has come! It has roused itself against you. It has come!

Violence has grown into a rod to punish wickedness; none of the people will be left, none of that crowd—no wealth, nothing of value. The time has come, the day has arrived. Let not the buyer rejoice nor the seller grieve, for wrath is upon the whole crowd.

They will throw their silver into the streets, and their gold will be an unclean thing. Their silver and gold will not be able to save them in the day of the LORD’s wrath. They will not satisfy their hunger or fill their stomachs with it, for it has made them stumble into sin.
(Ezekiel 7)

If this is not a message you want to hear, and if you feel that this is “off-topic” and that I should just stick to the topic of “vaccines,” as so many of you email to me whenever I mention anything recorded in the Bible, I don’t care. I’m not writing to please you. You don’t pay me anything to write and publish any of the articles at Health Impact News, and so you have no right to tell me what I should and should not be publishing here.

But if you are trusting in this current system, along with their vaccines, doctors, and politicians, to make your life better and hopefully “return back to normal,” you are going to suffer, and many of you are going to die.

But at least your blood will not be on my hands, because I have warned you now, and I have actually been warning the public and writing articles like this for almost 20 years now, calling modern medicine exactly what it is: Idolatry.

And if you know the truth, but are afraid to tell it because you know you will be ridiculed and laughed at, or even worse, you need to decide right now who and what you fear most.

But the house of Israel is not willing to listen to you because they are not willing to listen to me, for the whole house of Israel is hardened and obstinate.

But I will make you as unyielding and hardened as they are. I will make your forehead like the hardest stone, harder than flint. Do not be afraid of them or terrified by them, though they are a rebellious house. (Ezekiel 3:7-9)