(The Best Years in Life) Canada’s Concordia University kinesiology professor Genevieve Rail was awarded a grant of $270,000 to study the effects of HPV vaccines on the public. HPV stands for human papillomavirus, which has suddenly became the root cause of cervical cancer over the past couple of decades.

First create a problem, then offer a solution, and market it through the media. The word market is very appropriate, because vaccines are all about high profits from low-overhead barely tested pharmaceuticals without tort (lawsuit) liability. What a deal!

Going Against the Grain Threatens Vaccine Profits

But this time a funded study did not comply with the vaccine industry and mainstream media propaganda Rail and study co-author Abby Lippman, a McGill University professor emeritus, published an op-ed article in Montreal’s Le Devoir newspaper questioning the safety and benefits of human papillomavirus vaccines. Their op-ed urged Quebec to halt HPV immunization until its dangers are independently investigated.

And the mainstream media piled on with remarks from the usual “prestigious” medical professionals who asserted HPV vaccinations safety and remarkable success at reducing cervical cancer. Fortunately, several comments on Canada’s National Post article favored the Rail-Lippman viewpoint despite the article’s negative slant toward their findings.

Oh, of course statistics provided by pro-vaccine agencies and Big Pharma were included in the National Post article that “proves” the HPV vaccine’s efficacy and safety.

Somehow these “prestigious” medical officials have ignored the adverse reaction cases reported among teenage girls, ranging from chronic fatigue to chronic seizures to partial and complete paralysis. The FDA licensed Gardasil for public use during mid-2006. But campaigns to make Gardasil vaccinations more widespread started only a few years ago.

Keep in mind it’s estimated that only around 5 percent of vaccine adverse events are reported to the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting Service (VAERS) when you look over this graphic display of adverse events to 2015. Maybe multiplying by 20 would give a more accurate picture of Gardasil’s damages for a virus that rarely ever causes cervical cancer.







Did Not Recover


Abnormal Pap Smear


Cervical Dysplasia


Cervical Cancer


Life Threatening


Emergency Room




Extended Hospital Stay




Total Adverse Events


The HPV vaccines, Gardasil by Merck in North America and Cervarix by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) in Europe have been pushed onto families with teenage girls and now teenage boys as cancer preventatives.

The Rail-Lippman four-year study involved 170 parents of teenage girls who were given the HPV shots, which usually are administered sequentially in series of three. Rail has been the main recipient of pro-vaccine hysteria criticism, and she’s not budging from what she knows to be true

“I’m sort of raising a red flag, out of respect for what I’ve found in my own study, and for the despair of parents who had totally perfect 12-year-olds who are now in their beds, too tired to go to school,” Rail said. “Yes, we’re going against the grain, and we are going against those who are believed, i.e. doctors and nurses and people in public health.”
Every Mother of a Vaccine Injured Child Was Once Pro-Vaccine

If you’re old enough to remember Mr. T, a favorite statement of his was “pity the poor fool(s)”. That’s my thought for the average mainstream medically indoctrinated sheeple. My thoughts get nastier with the manic frothing-at-the-mouth vaccine fanatics, and downright vicious with the vaccine industry and its celebrated spokesman Dr. Paul Offit.

Paul Offit has maintained that a newborn can receive 1,000 vaccinations safely in a day and aluminum is vital to our health. Offit is a mainstream media darling. Ignore Offit and the presstitutes.

In case you’re wondering, breast milk feeding supports a newborn while its immune system is developing over the next two or so years. And unbound or free aluminum, the stuff used in almost all vaccines, is a neurological toxin.

A couple of years ago, one of the lead HPV vaccine developers for Merck, Dr. Diane Harper, came clean and warned that Gardasil was not only ineffective and unnecessary, it was dangerous. Harper mentioned the medically known fact that 98 percent of HPV warts among sexually active women heal on their own within a year or two.

Besides, Pap smears are still the recommended watch tower for cervical cancer, even if HPV shots are administered.

After coming clean she reportedly sort of recanted. Maybe her pension was threatened, or her family. Who knows? Get your pap smears or cool it with your sexual activity gals, because the benefits of Gardasil don’t come close to stacking up to the risks.